Top 3 Struggles Millennial Students Face and How To Conquer Them

Top 3 Struggles Millennial Students Face and How To Conquer Them

Statistics show that there are currently 90+ million Millennials in the US with 61% of them possessing college education. Might sound exciting (it actually is) but with the constant rising of graduates, the demand of labor force in the market is decreasing. This leaves tons of these intellect, unappreciated and underestimated young folks depressed and unemployed.

This is just a taste of the salt. So, what are some of the problems faced in the current times? Let’s have a look:

1. Increased Debt

This is the most common problem currently facing Millennials. The average debt of a college student currently retails at around $33,000. This has been mostly attributed by a 1.4% rise in the tuition fees. They incur a lot of daily expenses with little or no incomes. Most of them end up paying their debts almost half of their working years; living from hand to mouth.

So, what is the possible solution to this? You may ask. Well, it is not rocket science. A source of income is inevitable. That’s why most college students turn to side hustles for survival; maybe a part-time waiter at the nearest restaurant.

Another common side hustle for students is that they turn to be freelancers writing articles and blogs online. With the constant rise of internet bloggers and users, this has turned out to be a pretty good way of making money.

2. Academics

Another difficulty faced by students is academics. There is a lot of stress imposed on them. This is attributed to the increased cut off points, strict university admissions, and parents’ expectations. Students have to balance between their personal lives and academics, and this turns out to be a challenge to many. How can this problem be addressed?

Well, the solution lies in counseling. Both parents and students need to see a professional counselor. Parents have to understand that children’s learning capabilities are different. There are fast learners, average and slow ones. Some problems are health-related: dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia among others. Students also need to understand that it is ok to score less sometime.

Another way is for students seeking help in their academics. Being mentored by prodigies is highly recommended. There is no need to worry if you’re having problems with your academic papers. Thanks to platforms such as online essay writers, professionals offer their writing services and help you attain your desired scores.

3. Peer Pressure

First, peer pressure is defined as the direct influence of peers to conform to activities that change their attitude; behavior and values. Peer pressure invariably affects students not only in schools, but also society. At school; they are exposed to a lot of hazardous things: drugs, foul language, and provocative dressing among others. They are pressured to? Fit-in’ like the others.

How do students deal with peer pressure?

The best way to deal with this is by? Saying no’ and walking away from these friends. Keep away from activities and an environment that may influence you otherwise.Secondly, if you feel that you are being bullied, seek help from a trustworthy elder person.

The above-outlined points are among the many challenges faced by peers. Each day brings along its difficulties. These challenges help define who they will become in the future. With proper guidance and counseling from early ages, they may be able to overcome them. This will make them grow into self motivated people who can tackle anything that comes their way.

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