SA Innovation Summit Pitching Den Competition 2019

SA Innovation Summit Pitching Den Competition 2019

Deadline: June 3, 2019

Applications are invited for the SA Innovation Summit Pitching Den Competition 2019. The Pitching Den competition aims to promote and develop the entrepreneurial creativity of startups, able and willing to disrupt the status-quo, to showcase their ground-breaking products or services, to gain visibility across government officials, local, regional and international investors and industry titans, and to secure financial and business support in the stages of scaling and growth.

In 2019 Pitching Den invites high-growth early-stage startups from all over the world to pitch their innovative business solutions to a well-rounded panel of venture capitalists, angel investors and business development experts, and to compete for investment, maximum media exposure and networking opportunities with enablers and sponsors.


  • Showcase your technologies/ideas to a wider audience
  • Get PR exposure
  • Obtain access to funds and acceleration support (the judges will commit to second interviews if the pitches are of interest)
  • Tap into different markets (the audience will watch to make connections)
  • Have access to technical expertise (advisers, IP specialists & venture capitalists)
  • Get access to the Match and Invest Lounge, where key funders will be available for consultation (SA Innovation Summit puts together a high impact group that would otherwise take years to identify and pitch to).


The Competition is open to all early- and later stage high-potential startup companies, private or publicly held, who meet the following criteria:

  • A start-up with a turnover of up to ZAR 100 million;
  • The model is an original idea with unique IP of technological solutions;
  • The company demonstrates high growth potential, scalability, and/or has national or international expansion plans with a high level of commitment by shareholders and management team;
  • Close to achieving break-even or profitability.

Evaluation Criteria

During the preliminary evaluation process the pitches will be reviewed on the basis of the information provided in the online questionnaire according to the following criteria:

  • Business model and execution strategy quality;
  • Market attractiveness and ability to provide solution to the identified need;
  • Business proposition innovation level (technology, products and/or services);
  • Sound revenue and profit models;
  • Strategic competitive positioning;
  • Strong management team.


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For more information, visit SA Innovation Summit Pitching Den Competition.