Cisco CCNA R&S Made Easier with Examsnap

Cisco CCNA R&S Made Easier with Examsnap

The Cisco technology company offers leading communications and networking products across the world. Cisco assures its customers of the quality of services they will receive through their certification program. This program is created to validate the skills of IT professionals and confirm that they are qualified to provide Cisco support services to customers. Cisco certification program contains credentials at various levels. These certifications have been accepted by many IT professionals as being convenient and beneficialbecause they are equally suitable for both beginners andadvanced professionals.

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About Cisco certifications

The Cisco certification levels in ascending order are entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect. The validity periods of these certifications are as follows: three years for entry, associate, and professional-level credentials, two years for expert-level credentials, and five years for architect-level certification. When the validity period expires, the certifications will need renewal.

This paper gives a brief outline of one of Cisco’s most popular associate-level certifications – CCNA Routing and Switching (R&S). Below you will also find some reasons why you should choose to obtain the CCNA R&S credential and how you can pass your exam(s) with the help of the Examsnap platform.

What is CCNA R&S

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching is a credential that validates the professional’s skills required to perform the roles of a core network Engineer. This certification serves as a foundation for specialists working with modern network technologies and would also come in handy while adopting new technologies.

CCNA R&S remains valid for three years after which you will have to renew it. Another option for keeping your credential up to date is to obtain a higher-level certification. In this case, your current credential will be extended to the validity period of your newly obtained certification.

Who Qualifies to be Certified?

Attaining CCNA R&S requires no prerequisites, but you will have to be knowledgeable on matters concerning IT technologies in order to successfully complete the certification step(s).

How do You Get Certified?

To qualify for the CCNA R&S credential, you have to clear one or two exams depending on the option you choose. See below for details:

  • 200-125 CCNA Composite Exam

This is one of the options to attaining the CCNA R&S certification. 200-125 is a single 90-minute exam that assesses the candidate’s knowledge relating to various network technologies such as WAN, IPv4 and IPv6 network, LAN switching, and the management of infrastructure.

  • 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 Exams

This is the second option for CCNA R&S. 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 exams last 90 minutes each and assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills related to pretty much the same topics as 200-125. The difference between the two options is that you will have more time to complete the required topics. If you are a newbie in the IT sphere, it is recommended that you take 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 tests.

Reasons to get certified

Below are some of the privileges of getting CCNA R&S certified:

  • Cisco is the leader in Networking

Cisco is viewed as a major player when it comes to routing and switching technologies. Obtaining CCNA R&S certification, therefore, puts you ahead of other professionals and makes you a valuable asset for any company.

  • Certification opens the door to more career options

It was noted that many organizations are interested in hiring certified individuals. CCNA R&S credential, therefore, can serve as a key to the opportunities to grow your career. After attaining the credential, you will also have the option of advancing to higher certification levels in Cisco’s certification paths. For example, with the CCNA R&S certification, you can proceed directly to professional-level CCNP R&S. This makes Cisco your best partner for advancing your career in any direction.

  • CCNA R&S Keeps You Up to Date

In the modern age, various technological changes are bound to happen. However, it shouldn’t bother you if you have the CCNA R&S credential. This is due to the fact that Cisco is interested in keeping the skills of its specialists up to date as the technology continues to advance. It means that all Cisco certification standards are aligned with the needs of modern industry.

  • It makes you stand out in the crowd

When you pursue the CCNA R&S certification, employers definitely notice your determination. Given the reputation that Cisco certified professionals have in creating networking innovations, when you get certified, you become one of the top specialists in your profession. Many prospective employers will see your productivity and you will be able to explore different aspects of your career.

  • Path to a better paycheck

Being CCNA R&S certified means getting a bigger paycheck. Many organizations are interested in hiring and retaining certified professionals, and therefore they offer to pay them great salaries. This proves that your decision to get certified will outrightly pay off.

About Exam preparation

Cisco offers excellent support materials for exam preparation such as books, practice exams, and training programs. You can also complement your training with practice questions from the Examsnap website. Many recent exam takers have testified that Examsnap helped them to get the skills and knowledge required to clear even the most challenging Cisco tests.

Final remarks

Cisco certifications are globally recognized for their role in building networking careers. Today, obtaining these certifications has been made easier by Examsnap. So, you can choose an appropriate Cisco certification and significantly boost your career. Take this smart step today!

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