Arab Documentary Photography Grant Programme 2019 (Up to USD $5,000)

Arab Documentary Photography Grant Programme 2019 (Up to USD $5,000)

Deadline: May 1, 2019

Applications for the Arab Documentary Photography Grant Programme 2019 are now open. The program is funded by the partnership between Afaq and Prince Klaus Foundation and targets photographers working on documentary projects in the Arab region.

Despite the important role documentary photography plays in lighting important and neglected stories, it is still not sufficiently developed in the Arab region. Most of the visual production has no outlet except in the published press, which limits the opportunities of photographers to work on creative, personal and analytical projects. On the other hand, photographers’ access to the necessary resources and specialized support to launch and produce documentary photography projects remains very limited.

The Programme focuses on supporting professional, creative and free-of-the-art photographic documentation of important social issues and stories closely related to the Arab region. The program will help to explore how the subsidized projects are presented to the general public and how this audience can interact with projects, believing in the ability of the image to document, educate and advocate. Photographers can choose any documentary narrative style, from traditional documentary photography to experimental and unusual in the visual novel, and they can use pro-project audio and video.

Program Goals

  • To raise the level of creative documentary photography in the Arab region
  • Training photographers and expanding the horizons of their approach to the visual novel
  • Share influential Arab visual stories with the public in the region and the world
  • Explore ways to share documentary photography projects with the widest possible audience


  • The Arab Documentary Photography Program offers a maximum of 10 production grants per course, each of which is valued at $ 5,000. Grantees are expected to work on their projects in their country of residence for a period of 8 months. The grant can be used to start a new project or to complete an existing project.
  • In addition to the grant, the grant will benefit from technical support provided by program trainers. The grantee should attend two specialized workshops to help him develop and produce his project and explore new distribution methods. The program will cover the travel and residence expenses of the recipients (s) on the grants during the workshops and will not be deducted from the production grants. The production grant does not include printing and distribution expenses.


  • The Arab Fund for Culture and Arts (Afaq) invites Arab individuals residing in the Arab region to apply for support regardless of age, number of years of experience, race, religion or any other factors. Arab photographers who have been forced to leave their countries during the last six years (since 2012) are excluded from the residency requirement within the Arab region for political reasons, provided that the projects submitted are relevant to the region;
  • Professional and young photographers are entitled to apply for support. Non-documentary photographer requests will be accepted as long as the project is documentary;
  • Technical knowledge of photography is essential. Journalists or activists who have no prior experience of photography are not eligible to apply;
  • Applicants must be fluent in English for conversation and discussion. English will be the language adopted during workshops and correspondence. Translation can be provided during workshops. The project must be an independent work of the applicant, ie it is not commissioned by another contract. It is also required that all the property rights belong to the applicant.


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For more information, visit Arab Documentary Photography Programme.