Foretia Foundation Public Health Research Grant 2019 for Researchers in Cameroon

Foretia Foundation Public Health Research Grant 2019 for Researchers in Cameroon

Deadline: June 27, 2019

The Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot Public Health Research Grant Initiative targeting young researchers in Cameroon. This pilot grant is aimed at promoting health research and research-driven health policies in the country.

The lack of funding and technical supervision have been major hurdles to health research and development in Cameroon and the Central African sub-region. Young researchers due to this setback, are unable to develop and publish potentially ground breaking ideas which could serve as the evidence needed to revise existing yet failing health policies, or develop new and evidence-informed policies.

The Foretia Foundation through this initiative, intends to start bridging the existing gap, by providing young researchers with funds to cover research work in any healthcare related topic. 10 to 15 grants will be awarded in this pilot phase. The health research grant initiative will not only support young Cameroonian researchers, with the funds needed to cover expenses incurred from research, but will equally provide them with the opportunity to work with, and be mentored by research experts from the foundation.


  • Funds provided shall be up to a maximum of 500,000 FCFA per research project.


  • Applicants should be aged 40 years and below at the time the application of the grant is being submitted;
  • Be a Master’s or PhD student (in a health-related field), or be a holder of a Master’s degree or PhD (in a health-related field) obtained within the last 10 years;
  • Be resident, studying or working in Cameroon;
  • In situations where a project is to be carried out by a group of collaborators/researchers, the lead or principal investigator shall serve as the grant applicant, and will be required to meet up with the above listed criteria.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria taken into consideration will include the following:

  • Feasibility: How feasibility is the research project in achieving its objectives?
  • Principal investigator: Is the principal investigator qualified for the grant? How credible is the application file of the applicant for the research project to be realised?
  • Significance: The potential impact of the research project on pressing health care and health policy related challenges in Cameroon. As earlier mentioned, this remains the primary goal of the grant. What will be the value added of the propose research to existing knowledge? Consequently, research projects that meet up this criterion are preferred.
  • Methodology: Proposed research methodologies should be of a standard such that final papers will be publishable in peer-reviewed academic journals or presented in conferences. Robust innovative methodologies that advance health research are encouraged. Primary and/or secondary data collection approaches will be considered.
  • In the case where the application file of two or more applicants is judged to be equally good, preference shall be given to applicants with more research experience. This will be judged using the number of prior research positions held, the number of research linked conferences and trainings attended and the number of peer review publications authored or co-authored by the applicant.


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For more information, visit Foretia Foundation Public Health Research Grant.