ICIMOD Hindu Kush Himalaya Photo Contest 2019

ICIMOD Hindu Kush Himalaya Photo Contest 2019

Deadline: August 1, 2019

Entries are invited for the ICIMOD Hindu Kush Himalaya Photo Contest 2019. They are looking for photo entries that tell compelling visual stories about different interactions between the cryosphere (snow, glaciers, permafrost, meltwater, glacial lakes) and society in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, including climate change impact and adaptation, related disasters and vulnerability, contributions to water resources and their management, the importance to livelihoods and biodiversity, as well as cultural, spiritual, and gender aspects.

The theme of the photo contest is in line with the overall theme of the Cryosphere and Society Forum, which aims to improve the understanding of cryospheric change and the impacts on society, especially on those who live in close proximity to snow, ice, permafrost, glacial lakes, and glaciers.

For the purposes of this competition, each participant may submit a maximum of three photos, each with an accompanying caption of no more than 150 words. Participants are encouraged to provide contextual information about the photo, such as names, location, time, and date, to help readers understand the photo. Each photo should relate to the cryosphere and its interactions and/or impact on people/society. Overall themes can include:

  • Ice and life: Impacts of cryosphere change and adaptation
  • Disasters and related vulnerability
  • Water in the high mountain communities
  • Life at the Third Pole: cryosphere’s importance for livelihoods
  • Mountains, snow, ice, and biodiversity
  • Cultures in the cold: cultural, spiritual, and gender aspects of the cryosphere


  • The top entry will be awarded USD 300, and USD 100 each for following top two entries. The remaining photos will receive honourable mentions and certificates.
  • The results will be announced during the upcoming International Forum on Cryosphere and Society to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from August 28 to 30, 2019. The winner of the photo contest will be invited to receive the award and present the photo story to participants of the Forum. The winning entries and honourable mentions will be exhibited during the Forum and featured in the Forum proceedings, related publications, and on ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative website.


  • Photographers of all ages and skill levels are eligible to enter;
  • Participants are encouraged to submit images that shine a light on the importance and role of the cryosphere in relation to society. Entries addressing gender and social inclusion aspects are highly encouraged.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by a technical panel consisting of scientific experts in the field of cryosphere as well as experienced professional photographers. Entries will be judged on:

  • Technical quality, clarity, and composition, and visual impact
  •  Overall effectiveness of the photos and the caption in conveying a compelling story on interactions between the cryosphere and society. Therefore, the choice of subject and how you choose to describe it in the entry submission form is very important.
  • Novelty, flair for the unexpected, ability to capture a photo-perfect moment, ”wow” factor


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For more information, visit ICIMOD Photo Contest.