Camelback Fellowship 2020 for Entrepreneurs in the US

Camelback Fellowship 2020 for Entrepreneurs in the US

Deadline: September 16, 2019

Applications for the Camelback Fellowship 2020 are now open. The Camelback Fellowship is a six-month program that supports the development of both founder and venture. Since 2015, Camelback has supported over 60 entrepreneurs of color and women (many of whom have been recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30, received fellowships such as Echoing Green and Richards Draper Kaplan, and collectively gone on to raise over $26 million).

At this time, Camelback has three tracks: 1) Education, 2) Conscious Tech, and 3) Local Economies (formerly known as their “Good Jobs Initiative”). Camelback has created unique pathways for each track, and tailors curriculum and needs for each individual Fellow once they are accepted into the program. Education and Conscious Tech operate nationally and concurrently; Local Economies is based in New Orleans and features curriculum tailored for local businesses.


The Camelback Fellowship offers support for entrepreneurs of color and women in three different tracks (Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies) through:

  • Coaching: 1:1 relationship with a coach who creates a road map specifically focused to help you reach established goals
  • Capital: Camelback invests in each organization we support, and tailors funding levels for the different stages of acceptance for each track. Education and Conscious Tech ventures are in a “startup” phase and receive up to $40,000 in the “friends and family” round. For-profits and hybrids receive as a convertible note; nonprofits and schools receive as grants. Organizations in Local Economies are growing local businesses, and may receive up to $3,000 as an angel gift and additional in-kind services.
  • Connections: meetings with investors, potential partners and customers, and content experts
  • Community: tight-knit experience through the entire cohort and within tracks, as well as extended Camelback family (including past and present Fellows and Startup Coaches, as well as friends who can’t wait to support new Fellows)
  • Curriculum: An intense program we’ve created to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs. This curriculum is tailored for each sub-track that we focus on (Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies)


  • Open to underrepresented entrepreneurs, primarily people of color and women. This includes but is not limited to entrepreneurs identifying as Black, Latinx, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Native, and/or Indigenous;
  • Applicants should be based in the US;
  • Venture must be in one of the three tracks: Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies


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For more information, visit Camelback Fellowship.