Aga Khan University Media Innovation Center’s Accelerator Program 2020 ($15,000 start-up grant)

Aga Khan University Media Innovation Center’s Accelerator Program 2020 ($15,000 start-up grant)

Deadline: September 7, 2019

Do you have an idea of a multimedia project focusing on important social, environmental, economic issues in the East Africa? Join the Aga Khan University Media Innovation Center’s Accelerator Program 2020.

The Innovation Centre (IC- Media Futures) of the Graduate School of Media and Communication of Aga Khan University is accepting applications from storytellers, writers, visual artists, cartoonists, illustrators, data analytics specialists, data scientists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, coders, programmers and animators who are willing to work as team to create compelling and engaging multimedia projects on important social, environmental, economic issues in the East Africa region.

In an age where audiences are bombarded with infinite digital content, with which traditional media forms have to compete, journalism has no choice but to be engaging and compelling. Such interesting times summon a different form of storytelling; captivating, engaging in durable depth, with meaningful themes and issues that outlast the fleeting news cycle.

The future of journalism is pegged on the ability to tell stories that educate and entertain; provoke and inspire. Stories that connect deeply with our hopes and deepest aspirations, as well as stories that speak to the heart of our anxieties and abiding fears. The future also demands of media to recenter their strategies on the foundational principles of journalism anchored on sustainable innovative frameworks to deliver compelling journalism. Advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, visual art forms, text, video, photography, animation, virtual and augmented reality have put at the disposal of journalists unprecedented power to engage a diversity of audiences in a shared experience.


The top three innovative ideas will be presented to a selection panel. The winning team will join the Innovation Center accelerator program as Innovators-in-Residence for a period of 6-12 months during which they will be provided with resources including mentorship, training, coaching, a start-up grant and partnership, to further develop their idea into a viable and sustainable business of product.

The innovators-in-residence will form an ecosystem of innovators that will work closely with their network coaches and mentors who will work alongside them to facilitate their exploration of new innovative projects.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Innovators-in-Residence include:

  • To work as a team to develop a business case for the innovative project that considers the work plan and budget.
  • To work closely with the Innovation Center team, trainers and coaches to conceptualise, launch and manage the innovation project.
  • Attend trainings and workshops on select topics facilitated by the Innovation Center.
  • Attend and advice at update meetings both on an ad-hoc and monthly basis to review and track the progress of the innovation project.
  • Provide constructive feedback on the accelerator services, trainings and workshops.
  • Attend events organized by the Innovation Center to network with investors, partners, innovators and other stakeholders to provide insights into the innovation processes and experiences.


  • Application should be submitted as a team
  • Application should demonstrate a credible idea in media innovation with specific focus on the process, product, content and business model
  • Should demonstrate the uniqueness of the idea and its contribution to media viability
  • Must provide a feasible work plan complete with short-term goals, milestones and timelines for the implementation of the innovation project
  • Applicants should be technologically savvy and demonstrate an understanding on how to utilize technology to foster media innovation
  • Must demonstrate strong organizational skills and should be a self-starter with the capacity to identify, prioritize and execute projects and assignments with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work and collaborate in a diverse community of innovators and demonstrate virtues of a team player.


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