5 Things to Think of Before Preparing for the IAS Exam

5 Things to Think of Before Preparing for the IAS Exam

It’s well and good that you are on the verge of beginning to prepare for the IAS Exam. However, an IAS aspirant, like any other individual, who is keen on hitting the bull’s eye, must stay away from any kind of confusion.

Thus, it really is the time to ponder if you are going to prepare for the IAS Exam. If you want to begin well, think it all, so that there are no drawbacks, in your preparation, of any kind at all.

Besides, a famous saying goes, “Well begun is half done.” Thus, if you make a thorough consideration of all the factors and perspectives before beginning to prepare for the IAS Exam, it would be easier for you to prepare well. Moreover, an IAS Exam preparation strategy that is carefully charted out makes your preparation well-organized, systematic and structured.

Given below, are quite a few important tips, that will help you lay all the doubts to rest (i.e., if you have any) concerning what to begin with and what to read/study in the very first place itself:

  • Seek proper guidance: The right kind of guidance is highly essential for an IAS aspirant. If you allow yourself to be misguided, you are definitely in for a great loss of your time, money, energy, effort and above all, the utter devastation of your dream to be an IAS officer! 

Besides, in the absence of the suitable guidance, you are more likely to be in a confused state of mind. It is not going to result into a well structured preparation. Rather, you may feel unnerved and panic! Thus, it’s the required guidance that can help you establish and maintain a logically positive frame of mind to go ahead with the preparation for the Exam.

And, to top it all, how are you going to distinguish the right kind of the guidance from the wrong one? Read on to discover the same…

  • Look into the quality of the coaching services: A huge majority of the IAS coaching institutions just do not focus on the quality of the coaching services provided by them. It should not be forgotten that a good IAS coaching institution, be it online IAS coaching, or the traditional offline classroom IAS coaching, may prove to be a tremendous help for an IAS aspirant to realize his dream.

But, again, it should not be forgotten that you have been looking for the right guidance to compete well and score well in the hardest of the hard competitions. Thus, even if you choose an online IAS coaching, make sure that you are well-guided by all means till the end. That is to say, till you actually appear for the IAS Exam. 

  • The IAS Coaching institution should keep you suitably updated as and when required: The IAS coaching institution that you opt for must keep you well aware and hence, updated as and when required, concerning the following:
    • The structure for the Civil Services Exam
    • How exactly to begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam?
    • The right kind of the strategies to crack the IAS Exam
    • Mentorship as and when required
    • The latest Civil Services Exam Notification issued by UPSC

The perspectives specified above are only the major ones that you should not forget to consider well before beginning with the IAS Exam preparation. However, it’s desirable that you be guided well by the IAS coaching institution that you enroll yourself at, as and when required.

  • Be thoroughly realistic: Well, it’s good and appreciable that you have a dream and would like to achieve it. But, it’s better to be realistic. And it’s definitely going to be in the best of your interests if you prepare for the IAS Exam, taking all the hard realities into account right from the start. The truth, of course, is that all the candidates who dream of being IAS officers are not able to realize the same. However, again, the truth also pictures the successful candidates who do succeed to join the Indian Administrative Services.

Moreover, being realistic also implies that you should be fixing achievable targets for yourself for daily, weekly and monthly preparations. Do not expect yourself to finish reading twice that what you can actually do in a day! It would be simply useless if you do so.

  • Make the smart first move: If you choose the right kind of the IAS coaching institution, this very first move of yours would help you begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam in a manner that you will be moving faster than anticipated on the road to success. A good IAS coaching in Delhi, would equip you with the:
    • Competently prepared course material
    • Coaching from the expert and experienced faculty
    • Test Series
    • Mentorship, and also
    • Mock Interviews that would help you face the IAS Interview questions when the time comes

Besides, it should never be forgotten that success is not a destination, but a journey that goes on! So, even if you have considered everything (or, at least, you think so), always be on the lookout of how you can eliminate the drawbacks (whenever there are any) from your Exam preparation.

Always be willingly ready to seek help from the faculty members and/or mentors at the institution you have been attending your IAS coaching sessions at. It’s highly important for the faculty members possess not only an expertise of the knowledge of their respective subjects, but also the experience of teaching the IAS aspirants.

Implementing all the strategies given above would help you begin with the preparation for the IAS Exam in the best possible manner. Thus, it would set the right kind of the tone for the rest of the preparation. And when you begin well, you will find it easier, than you might have anticipated yourself, to prepare well and crack the IAS Exam, with a score, that would help you beat the competition.

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