Hertog Foundation War Studies Program 2020 in Washington DC (stipend of $1,500)

Hertog Foundation War Studies Program 2020 in Washington DC (stipend of $1,500)

Deadline: February 11, 2020

Applications are invited for the Hertog Foundation War Studies Program 2020. The Hertog War Studies Program is an intensive two-week program run by the Institute for the Study of War in Washington DC. The program aims to educate advanced undergraduate students about the theory, practice, organization, and control of war and military forces.

Over the course of two weeks, students will learn from and interact with distinguished senior leaders in the national security and military communities. Students will gain a deeper understanding of specific topics in military history and their intersection with modern warfare and policy. Opportunities to learn about military history in a hands-on environment include participating in a battlefield staff-ride to Gettysburg to explore the relationships between terrain, timing, and decision-making in war. Previous editions of the Hertog War Studies Program have featured topics including the insurgencies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham in Syria and Iraq.


  • All students will receive a stipend of $1,500 in addition to housing, meals, and subsidized transportation to and within Washington, DC. This is a full-time commitment.


  • The Hertog War Studies Program relies on students’ broad educational background. They will only consider graduating seniors (Class of 2020) and rising seniors (Class of 2021). Underclassmen should consider other Hertog programs.
  • War Studies is an interdisciplinary program, and they seek applicants from many disciplines, not just history, political science, or international relations. Successful past participants have also majored in philosophy, math, computer science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, literature, foreign languages, political theory, classics, and psychology.
  • There is no early application deadline for the War Studies Program.


To complete your application, you will need to submit the following documents (PDF preferred, .doc also accepted) :

  • CV or résumé
  • Unofficial academic transcript from all colleges or universities that you have attended (required only for undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students).
  • A statement of purpose: Describe the political questions you find most interesting, your future ambitions, and how these relate to your preferred program(s). (1,000 words or less)
  • A writing sample (20 pages maximum, double-spaced)
  • A headshot (.jpg preferred)

Please name these files using your last name and the type of document (e.g., Aristotle_resume.pdf or Aristotle_stmt.pdf).

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For more information, visit Hertog Foundation.