WE Charity Dove Self-Esteem Project Competition 2020 for Students in the UK

WE Charity Dove Self-Esteem Project Competition 2020 for Students in the UK

Deadline: December 20, 2019

Applications for the WE Charity Dove Self-Esteem Project Competition 2020 are now open. The Dove Self-Esteem Project Competition supports schools UK-wide, in creating a positive and purposeful campaign around the issues of body confidence and self-esteem.

Project Competition invites students to submit an application demonstrating how they want to take action on an issue relating to body image and self-esteem. Body image and self-esteem initiatives can include but are not limited to: fundraising campaigns, awareness-raising campaigns, attitude changing initiatives, and design ideas that solve a problem related to body image and self-esteem.


  • Successful applicants will win a grant of up to £750 as well as the opportunity to attend WE Day UK 2020.


  • Eligible applicants are UK students currently at secondary school, aged 13–18 years old.
  • Teachers can submit an application on behalf of their student group. Students may also apply directly as a group or as an individual, but they must have the support of a lead teacher who will be responsible for keeping students on track and managing the awarded grant, should the application be successful.

Selection Criteria

Winning projects will be selected based on their creativity and a demonstrated commitment to tackling body image and self-esteem issues.


The application is split into two sections, project purpose and impact and a creative submission.

  • As part of the project purpose and impact, you will be asked to describe who will be helped by your project and the difference it will make in your community. You will also need to demonstrate how a grant of up to £750 will support your project and enable it to make a positive difference.
  • For the creative submission, this is your chance to creatively tell the organizers what has inspired you to come up with your project idea and consider what or who inspired and why you decided to set up this project. Creative submissions can be in the form of video, music, art, drama, written pieces etc.

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For more information, visit Dove Self-Esteem Project Competition.