DPIIT/Startup India United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020

DPIIT/Startup India United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020

Deadline: March 29, 2020

Participate in the United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020 and submit solutions that help the community! As the world is currently looking at a serious healthcare challenge caused by the pandemic Covid-19, DPIIT with Startup India is scouting for innovative technologies and solutions for precautionary as well as treatment-related interventions.

They are building a one-stop repository of innovative solutions for ready access by the government and the private sector for further development and deployment.


The top solutions will be:

  • Published on the Invest India Business Immunity Platform, which is a comprehensive and interactive resource for investors, the business community, and other stakeholders to access all relevant information about India’s fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  • Referred to the government and private stakeholders for further funding and deployment.


  • Open to all the Startups, Companies, Innovators whose innovation can plug the gap between the demand and supply of essential medical items to fight the Covid-19 outbreak as well as an innovative tech for applications such as motion tracking, geofencing, fake news detection, etc.


Applicants are to select from the list of problem statements:

  • Personnel protective equipment: Eg: Low-cost masks which can capture virus from the air and absorb respiratory droplets
  • Testing Equipment: Eg: Cost-effective thermal scanning devices and rapid diagnostic kits (paper-based and other point-of-care devices)
  • Critical- care equipment: Including portable oxygenators and hospital and home-based ventilators to monitor and control the spread of the new coronavirus
  • Large area sanitization and sterilization: Including electrostatic spray and Ultra-Violet treatment for various available surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile
  • AI-based technology for contact less entry: Eg: Facial recognition tools to assist in contact less entry of officials, doctors, and others. 
  • Movement tracking: Using mobile apps to diagnose contagion and track people movements in quarantine areas/ lockdown regions
  • Geofencing: Including solutions that can assist the officials in monitoring those under compulsory home quarantine
  • Crowd management: Eg: Drones armed with heat-sensing cameras
  • Fake news detection: As information gets passed on social media, it becomes difficult to discern its authenticity and may mislead people
  • Logistics: To citizens during this time and no contact delivery of medicines

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For more information, visit United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge.