Mohamed Makiya Prize 2020 for Architecture in the Middle East and North Africa

Mohamed Makiya Prize 2020 for Architecture in the Middle East and North Africa

Deadline: June 1, 2020

Applications are open for the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2020. The Mohamed Makiya Prize is part of Tamayouz Excellence Award’s programme that champions and celebrates the best of architecture in the Middle East and North Africa.

Every cycle, the prize is presented to the ‘Architectural Personality of the Year’, or the individual/organisation that has made the greatest contribution towards the advancement of architecture in a specific period. The winner will be celebrated during the annual Tamayouz Excellence Award Ceremony.

The award is named after Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya, a great Iraqi architect whose influence and importance continues to impact the field of architecture today. The prize was announced in 2014, in celebration of Dr Makiya’s 100th birthday.


  • The winner receives the Mohamed Makiya Medal, which was designed by Dr Makiya himself. This medal is given during Tamayouz’s annual ceremony.
  • The winner’s flights and accommodation for attending the ceremony are covered by Tamayouz Award. The host city of the ceremony will be announced later in 2020.


The Mohamed Makiya Prize is open to both individuals and organisations who promoted, encouraged, campaigned or influenced directly or indirectly the advancement of architecture in the Middle East and North Africa.

The nomination is open to:

  • Organisation of any type: governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, cultural centres, unions and architectural or non-architectural companies.
  • Individuals of any occupation that have direct or indirect influence, achievement or contribution to the advancement of architecture, including: architects, designers, clients, engineers, educators, journalists, government employees, activists, planners, civil servants, conservation specialists, students, curators and organisation owners/directors.

Selection Criteria

The winner will be selected by the Mohamed Makiya Prize judging panel. The selection will be based on the achievements or contributions made towards architecture between January 2017 and May 2020.

Achievements or contributions include (but are not limited to):

  • the promotion of architectural excellence;
  • research with impact;
  • publication;
  • built projects;
  • winning design competitions; and
  • activity in a certain field, such as conservation, planning, campaigning, building regulations, services to the built environment, education, services/contribution to the community, and institutional excellence for organisations.


The key dates for the prize are:

  • Registration Period: January 15 – June 1, 2020
  • Judging period: August
  • ​Winner Announcement: September

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For more information, visit Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture.