UNECE “Humans Locked Down, Nature Unlocked” Global Photo Contest 2020

UNECE “Humans Locked Down, Nature Unlocked” Global Photo Contest 2020

Deadline: September 15, 2020

Entries are invited for the UNECE “Humans Locked Down, Nature Unlocked” Global Photo Contest 2020. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, based in Geneva, is inviting you to take part in this global contest on flora and fauna in the time of COVID-19 in support of the restoration of ecosystems.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a tragic moment in human history. ​The pandemic has claimed many lives and continues to have an extremely negative impact on our economies and societies. It came suddenly and forced many of us into lockdown. This long period of isolation made the UNECE reflect on the vulnerability of the society and on the need to build back better, including by promoting biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems.

The sights of nature during lockdown kept them positive, reminding them of nature’s beauty and power. While locked down at home, we have seen some remarkable images of animals walking through deserted cities, ducks and dolphins reappearing in canals and nearing shores, birds settling in gardens, butterflies flying undisturbed, plants growing in the cracks of empty streets. Images like these are unique and historical.

The UNECE knows many people have immortalized these scenes with their cameras and smart phones. Join them in this global campaign, share your photographs and help spread the UNECE’s message to the world!


  • By taking part in this contest, your photographs will gain a chance to appear in a web-based gallery and will be promoted by the United Nations.
  • The best 13 photographs will be used to illustrate a 2021 calendar of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe which will be widely distributed among delegates worldwide, as well as a photography exhibition which will be organized in the Palais des Nations in Geneva in autumn 2020 to celebrate and promote the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


  • Each individual can submit a maximum of 3 photographs;
  • The entry must be an original photograph taken by the participant (the usual copyright conditions apply);
  • All photographs submitted must be in JPEG format, other formats will not be accepted;
  • Zip files will not be accepted or opened;
  • You should ensure the photo submitted is in sufficiently high resolution, size should be maximum 20 MB;
  • Only original photos will be considered.


To take part in the contest, please submit up to 3 of your best photographs and provide the information using the form by September 15, 2020.

For more information, visit UNECE Photo Contest.