Best Video Creation Tools for Students and Teachers

Best Video Creation Tools for Students and Teachers

Creating videos has become a necessary skill in almost all fields. Education remains a primary space for videos to cater to the needs of a broad audience. Videos can be beneficial in promoting independent learning among students and boosts the level of engagement. Video assignments can be a great way to make group activities fun where students can actively collaborate. Moreover, as students become skilled at making videos, it helps them become more fluent with upcoming digital technologies.

 A video editing software must have plenty of features that  support presentations and audio recordings. They should also be easy to use. Here are some of the popular video-making tools used by teachers and students around the world:

1. iMovie

The Macbook is a popular device for students and teachers around the world It provides its users with a versatile video maker,  iMovie. It can also work on an iPhone and an iPad. It is available for free in  Apple devices and gives various features to the user. It’s a simple tool for anyone who wants to make a basic slideshow or a full-length film. You can choose from a variety of templates. It works with a straightforward drag-and-drop feature.

iMovie has some interesting features. These include  increasing or decreasing the speed of your footage. You can also use filters and use layers of images.  iMovie also offers a good variety of soundtracks to add as a background score. You can also use voice-overs. You can easily switch among your iPhone and Mac to continue editing a video.

2. Windows Video Maker

Windows Video Maker is Windows’ video editor. It is free to use if you have a Windows system. It is also effortless to use with smooth drag and drop settings. There are sound, visual effects, video trimming features. Moreover,  you can also add audio tracks. Kids, as well as adults, can easily use it. You can create decent short movies and slideshows with it.

However, the Windows Video Maker has been considered to be rather basic. It does not support animation and is somewhat limited for creative engagement. It would not be up to mark if teachers want to create rich, interactive videos for more practical learning in the classroom.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is a  video creator that can be used with Mac as well as Windows devices. It has gained tremendous popularity because of its simple-to-use features and attractive editing tools. The best part about WeVideo is that it is straightforward to use for teachers and also for students of all ages. It provides set templates for activities like news-casting and reporting. Great looking formats are available for science projects. This encourages students to get more ambitious with their ideas. You can customize the app settings as per your usage and requirements. More advanced features are available with paid plans.

WeVideo also links you to a broader community in which you can share your ideas and in turn, benefit from their ideas and videos. An excellent user interface makes it easier for you to work on the website. They also provide tips and guidelines to enhance your videos. It is an online tool. So there is no need to download it. It is also available as a phone app.

4. Biteable

Crafting videos according to your students can be a significant challenge for teachers. They need to use features that are engaging for younger kids. Biteable is an innovative website that understands these needs and caters to them proactively. Teachers working in busy classrooms dealing with several students do not have the time to craft and edit their videos perfectly. Tools like Biteable offer you unique templates, effective transitions, sound effects, etc.  to make your educational video attractive. Their user interface is fluid and refreshing to use.

There is a free plan which is offered to all teachers and students. However, you can also upgrade to a premium plan for some additional benefits. There are a lot of resources that you can use and get inspired to create amazing videos. Biteable can be used on your laptop or desktop with any decent web browser.

5. Animoto

The slideshow format has always been considered an effective and easy way of communication. It is not exactly a video. Yet, it can relay information more effectively than images. While most of the apps above can be used for slideshows, Animoto has been considered to be excellent for slideshows. It is free to use as an iOS app. Plus, it is simple to operate.

All you need to do is to add your photos and videos and let the magic happen. Slides can also be created by using bold fonts with pastel colors as backgrounds. You can use your creativity by using filters, fonts, and audio tracks. The accounts can be set up for more than one person. If you are a teacher, you can set up accounts for your students in which they can work. It works on the desktop as well as multiple mobile devices.


 Online education has been well-upgraded these days. There are plenty of ways in which you can share information. Videos and video making tools have made it way easier. Video editing is no more a professional task. Everyone can utilize this fantastic medium. Use the apps mentioned in this article to make learning more fun.

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