Beyond Tourism in Africa Innovation Challenge 2020 (Win a place in ALU’s Incubator + Seed money)

Beyond Tourism in Africa Innovation Challenge 2020 (Win a place in ALU’s Incubator + Seed money)

Deadline: October 15, 2020

The Luc Hoffmann Institute, the African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation and the WWF Regional Office for Africa are launching a global innovation challenge – Beyond Tourism in Africa Innovation Challenge 2020.

They aim to discover and incubate new revenue models that do not depend on tourism, but still enable local communities within African countries to derive income from wildlife, manage their natural resources sustainably, and improve their collective wellbeing. Participants have the chance to win a place in the African Leadership University’s incubation programme and access to seed money.


  • Up to 15 ideas will be selected. Successful applicants will win a place in the African Leadership University’s 8-month incubation programme, culminating in a public pitch to top investors. The programme commences in February 2021 and will run over eight months. It is a part-time, virtual programme.
  • During the incubation programme, participants may receive a grant of up to US$10,000 from the organisers as early seed money.


  • Any individual or team with bold ideas from around the world may apply, but they are especially seeking solutions from within Africa itself, and they will look favourably at applications from within the continent. On the application form, applicants must demonstrate their strong links to the geographic context of their idea.
  • There is no age limit for applicants. However, to be considered for the ALU incubation programme, the team lead must be at least 18 years old and teams may have a maximum of 3 members.
  • Submissions must be in English, but they strongly encourage both native and non-native English speakers to apply. No judgements will be made on language proficiency. Please note: the ALU incubation programme offered to selectees is conducted in English.
  • They strongly encourage teams composed of people from different sectors, and particularly from outside the conservation sector. Applicants do not need a history of working on conservation-related projects or ideas.

Selection Criteria

Submissions are invited from anyone from any sector or background with bold and sustainable ideas for concepts, projects, businesses or products. Ideas must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Generates value (economic, social and cultural) for local community(ies) in Africa from wildlife or natural resources;
  • Does not rely on tourism to generate revenue;
  • Empowers communities with decision-making power and ensures their rights, dignity and livelihoods are a priority;
  • Demonstrates to be feasible, financially sustainable and potentially scalable;
  • Aims to improve the conditions for wildlife and natural resources.


You must fill out and submit the online application form before October 15, 2020 (23:59 CEST). You are encouraged to submit your application as early as possible.

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For more information, visit Beyond Tourism in Africa.