4 Essential Tips for College Students to Stay Organized

4 Essential Tips for College Students to Stay Organized

College life can be fun-filled, but also hectic! Balancing academic responsibilities, social activities, and a possible job is a challenge for many college students. Staying organized is the best way to meet all of your obligations and help you be successful in all you do. Here are four tips to help you organize your overall college experience.

1. Use a Planner or Calendar

Track important dates and reminders all in one location. Choose either a paper or digital calendar to record tests, assignments, social events, and work schedules. Consider color coding your agenda as well. Perhaps you choose a different color for each of your classes or assign a color to various tasks (i.e. tests, study groups, events, work, etc.). The colors will allow you to see what needs to be done with just a glance.

Find a tracking system that works for you, and make a point to keep it with you. You might prefer the accessibility of a digital calendar app. However, research shows that writing things down can actually help you remember them. No matter what type you choose, you will want to refer back to your planner frequently to stay organized. Correctly utilizing a calendar can reduce the stress of trying not to forget and the dreaded consequences if you do forget an assignment or event.

2. Declutter Your Space

Aim to keep both your academic workspace and living space clean and organized. Take time to declutter by removing unnecessary items. Just a few minutes at the end of each day to clear your space will be beneficial. You may even consider embracing a minimalist lifestyle throughout your space to feel more organized. Keep only the things you absolutely need because clutter creates distractions that can break your focus. Instead, a tidy space will help you work more efficiently and can ease daily stressors.

3. Manage Your Time Efficiently

You can’t change the amount of time in each day, but you can decide how you use and manage that time. Effective time management allows you to optimize where and how you spend your time to reap the most benefits. To organize your time efficiently, develop a schedule. Add regular activities to your routine like going to class, studying, exercising, work, and even scheduled free time.

Consider planning your schedule around your “optimal time of day”. Perhaps you are a morning person who works best by knocking out tough tasks early, or maybe you are a night owl who prefers to burn the midnight oil. Either way, be sure to work adequate sleep into your daily schedule. Overall, successful time management will help you avoid time pressure, a major source of stress for people of all ages.

4. Create Daily Goals

With your time schedule in mind, create a daily to-do or goal list. This daily plan will give you a sense of direction to guide your day and can minimize anxiety. Take time each evening or at the start of each week to create your list for the next day or week. Be sure to prioritize your tasks based on deadlines. Consider taking care of quick, easy tasks first. You will immediately shorten your list and begin to feel less overwhelmed. Overall, setting and meeting goals on your list will give you a tangible way to organize your time and energy.

Organization is Key to College Success

College life is a balancing act of varying responsibilities. Take time to organize your time, space, and life to make the most of your college experience. The organizational strategies you employ while in college will help you succeed both academically and socially. Further, these strategies will develop good habits that can help you stay organized and successful well beyond your time in school.

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