Impaction Social Innovation Competition 2021 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Impaction Social Innovation Competition 2021 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Deadline: December 20, 2020

Applications for the Impaction Social Innovation Competition 2021 are now open. The Social Innovation Competition’s goal is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with tangible resources that turn their ideas into a reality in ways that make a positive difference in the world.

Impaction partners with organizations interested in developing competitive funding and mentorship opportunities for students and business professionals in their community. Impaction was born with a simple notion that if you’re interested in making a positive difference, just start. Their theory is that if they get more people to act in their communities through “easy” ways, they can encourage more people to find long-term careers in the social impact space.


  • Stand a chance to win seed money and a spot in the Because International’s Pursuit Incubator accelerator program.


  • Open to entrepreneurs around the world.
  • All you need to apply for the competition is an idea. Simply an idea. This of a product that can aim to solve a social challenge. Draw up a quick design of the product and apply to the competition.
  • You do not need a prototype to apply. You can draw a quick sketch on the back of a napkin, take a picture, and submit it. It will take you 10 minutes tops but it’s worth a shot.


The deadline for Round One application is December 20, 2020. LAte application will not be considered.

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For more information, visit Social Innovation Competition.