Is It Possible to Turn Crypto Trading into a Full-Time Job?

Is It Possible to Turn Crypto Trading into a Full-Time Job?

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency trading has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as more and more people start to embrace the use of this decentralized currency. Due to the volatility of digital currencies, trading in this relatively new space can be challenging but rewarding. The process can be difficult to navigate; however, with a bit of hard work, dedication, and practice, traders can stand to make a fair amount of profit from their day-to-day trading.

If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrency trading, there are a few things you will need to know before you take the dive and try to make trading your full-time job.

  • How are Cryptocurrencies Unique?

Cryptocurrencies are unique from traditional currencies because they exist only in the digital space where they can be defined as a shared digital record of ownership. In order for a cryptocurrency user to send currency to someone via the cryptocurrency market, the transaction must first be verified and then added to the blockchain. Mining is the process of checking that the sender of the cryptocurrency involved in a transaction has sufficient funds to complete the transfer and that the details are stored in the blockchain. The transaction then goes through a second check to confirm that it was a legitimate transfer. New cryptocurrency tokens are created during the mining process.

  • What is Crypto Trading?

Trading in cryptocurrency typically involves trading on the price movements of cryptocurrency via a contract for difference trading account, also called CFDs. Traders can also sell and buy bitcoin or other underlying coins that cryptocurrency transitions are based on via a bitcoin exchange. CFD gives traders leverage and margin trading on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, so traders can go long or short.

Since CFD trading are derivative, traders can trade on the movements of cryptocurrency prices without having ownership of the actual cryptocurrency tokens. This means that traders can start small and only invest a small amount of money to have access to trading on the entire underlying market.

  • What Are the Risks Involved in Trading?

Trading in cryptocurrencies can be risky, as it is quite a volatile market, which is why many experts recommend that traders have a financial safety net in place before attempting to be a full-time trader. Of course, first you’ll need to learn to use a trading platform. One of the best platforms for beginners is Binance, not only does it cover around 450 currencies, but it also has an up-to-date overview of the bitcoin price. 

Because most cryptocurrency trading involves the use of CFD trading accounts, which are leveraged products, traders can magnify their profits easily when trading. However, this magnification also affects losses, so any market losses have the potential to cripple an unprepared trader. To limit the risks when trading crypto, advanced traders appeal to quantitative and technical market analysis as well as to algorithmic software programmed to trade 24/7. Have a look here to learn more about it.

  • Can I Trade Full-Time?

Cryptocurrency trading, like any trading, takes time to master, so newcomers to the industry should always have some other source of income to fall back on should they not see success in their trading. Many experts advise traders to start small and gain experience in the industry before trying to make it their only source of income.

Every trader approaches their task differently, and what works for one trader may not work for another. Because of this, it is extremely difficult for a person to be able to determine whether another person will be successful in the field. For this reason, a person looking to do full-time trading needs to understand the gravity of the task ahead of them before they decide to move ahead with what could potentially be either a highly lucrative job or one that could bankrupt them.

Trading in this relatively new space can be challenging, but rewarding. The process can be difficult to navigate, but with a bit of hard work and dedication, traders can get to a point where cryptocurrency trading can replace their full-time job.

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