7 Ways to Love your Job as an Occupational Therapist

7 Ways to Love your Job as an Occupational Therapist

The job of an occupational therapist is one to be admired by all. Are you an occupational therapist or maybe you are considering becoming one? You should be proud of yourself if you constantly find yourself helping patients improve participation, health, and well-being through meaningful engagement in everyday activities. As a skilled healthcare professional, helping patients function effectively in their daily roles and routines can be a draining task. But this should not make you quit such a rewarding job. Consider seven (7) ways to pull through your job as an occupational therapist.

  • Cultivate a positive attitude to work

We may not be able to change our job task or how much we work, but we can change our attitude. Whether your work is mostly physical or you provide the best online therapy, acknowledge that therapy is physically and mentally tasking. To enjoy your work, you must realize that there are benefits in every kind of hard work. In addition to providing an honourable means to an end, working hard give you self-respect.

  • Be hardworking and go the extra mile

Being hardworking can make it easier for you to enjoy your work. One may find it convenient to just put in the minimum effort required in delivering a task. To enjoy your work, go beyond the minimum. Set personal challenging goals, and seek ways to deliver on your task efficiently before deadlines. Take pride in seemingly small achievements even if it’s putting a smile on a depressed patient or watching them write and copy notes.

  • Treat your patients as friends

This is a great way to find your therapy sessions pleasurable. Patients who require therapy find it easier to connect with and open up to therapists who listen to them and refrain from judging them. Provide a friendly atmosphere where communication can thrive between you and your patient. Check up on them regularly. Ask if they would like to talk to you about how they are feeling and any future concerns. The calm expression on their faces during such sessions can enliven your spirit and make you invigorated to work more.

  • Maintain a balance

Keep work in the right place. This may be challenging if your work involves online therapy. Sometimes, patients or partners may need to connect with you at odd times. You may not be able to avoid this totally if you work with individuals from different time zones. Even so, you should consider some rest time. This is important for your mental health too. You may not enjoy the fruitage of your labour if your work consumes all your time and energy.

  • Recognize that your work attitude can speak well of you and your business

In reality, you can learn to enjoy almost aspect of your work if you approach it with the right attitude. Learn how to deliver your job well and you will be proficient at it in no time. The results will speak for you and you never have to feel guilty of doing only the minimum. This is a satisfying feeling and another reason to feel good about your work.

  • Be honest and avoid unethical practices

Things may not always go as planned but be determined to be principled at all times. Avoid unethical practices such as prying into issues your patients decide to keep private. If you work for an organization, remember that employers value honest employees because they will not steal money, materials, or time. Your employer and patients will be able to trust you if you are honest with them. You need their trust to succeed.

  • Focus on how your work benefits others

Reject the temptation of thinking about your work in numbers- how much money you earn from it. If you are good at what you do, the numbers will pour in, though it may take some time at first. Ask yourself such questions as these: ‘What would happen if therapy didn’t exist​—or if it wasn’t done right? How does my work benefit others?’ These would help you develop the right perspective you need to love your job. Therapy is hard work and you can actually enjoy working hard!  With the right mind-set, diligence, perseverance, you can do more than just work. You can find real satisfaction in your work

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