Yidan Prize 2021 for Education Research and Development (Up to HK$30 million)

Yidan Prize 2021 for Education Research and Development (Up to HK$30 million)

Deadline: March 31, 2021

Nomination are invited for the Yidan Prize 2021 for Education Research and Development. The Yidan Prize is an inclusive education award that recognizes individuals, or up to three-member teams, who have contributed significantly to education research and development. The prize aims to progress learning by building a global community committed to advancing ideas in education.

The Yidan Prize is awarded in two categories:

  • Yidan Prize for Education Research: Awarded for significant contribution to the science of education.
  • Yidan Prize for Education Development: Awarded for instituting positive change in education and learning.


  • Each Yidan Prize laureate receives a certificate, a gold medal and a monetary award of HK$30 million (around US$3.9 million). Half of this is a cash prize and the remaining half is distributed over three years to support a project.
  • Should the laureates be a group, each team member receives a certificate and a gold medal, while the cash prize and project fund is shared equally among the team members.


  • Yidan Prize welcomes nominators from various sectors and any geographical region. Nominators may be members of government bodies, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and thought leaders in education and/or beyond.
  • To make a credible nomination, the nominator should have a thorough understanding of the nominee(s)’ work. The nominator must also submit at least two recommendation letters from supporters.
  • The nomination system is built on Yidan Prize’s belief in celebrating one another’s work and achievements in the field of education. However, self-nomination is also accepted if the candidate can obtain recommendation letters from at least three supporters.
  • Directors, judging committee members and advisory committee members of the Yidan Prize are not eligible to make nominations, provide recommendation letters or be nominated. In addition, nominators and supporters should not be family members of the nominee(s).
  • The judging committee will consider nominee(s) of all ages.
  • Each nominator can submit as many nominations as they wish.


A nomination is valid if submitted through the online nomination system before the nomination deadline, and includes the following supporting documents:

  • Nomination form completed in English within the word count specified for each section.
  • The nominee(s)’ personal details, including full name, date of birth, email address, residential address, mobile phone number, name of his/ her/ their organization, and his/ her/ their position and title
  • CV of the nominee.
  • Minimum of two recommendation letters from supporters that endorse the nominee(s)’ achievement. For self-nomination, a minimum of three recommendation letters of support are required.
  • Each supporter’s personal details, including full name, email address, address, mobile phone number, his/ her organization, his/her position and title, and a soft copy of their business card.
  • For the Education Research category, at least one and up to five softcopies of the most relevant published research by the nominee(s).
  • A 2-minute video from the nominee(s) on how they would use the project funding of HK$15 million (about US$1.9million) if selected as the laureate(s).

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For more information, see FAQ and visit Yidan Prize.