How to Start Your Career in Sports Management

How to Start Your Career in Sports Management

Advertising and marketing developments have made sports clubs and leagues true brands. Therefore, today such a specialty as a sports manager is in great demand. This article will show you how to start your career in this field. You can find other interesting materials on

  • Develop a love of sports

Start watching matches in different sports to learn how to understand them. Though, keep in mind that very often employers prefer to hire those managers who are knowledgeable not only about professional major leagues but also about sports in high schools, colleges and universities.

  • Start studying for a bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree is essential for starting your career. When applying to educational institutions, choose specialties in the field of traditional or sports business, athletic or sports management.

At the same time, when choosing a place to study, it is better to focus on large cities where there are sports teams. It will be easier for you to start your internship there.

  • Internship

Experts unanimously say that the earlier you start your internship, the easier it will be for you to find a job after graduation.

For starters, you can volunteer at local sports clubs. Also, assistants are often needed during major competitions. In doing so, try to find a business that requires organizational skills.

After a year of study, you can look for an official internship in urban sports teams. Also, it would be nice to find a part-time sports job for the summer. For example, you can get a job selling tickets for matches.

In your final year, it is time to decide on a sports management profile. This could be sales, event management, public relations or sports tourism. Start an internship in your chosen field.

  • Explore starter positions in your specialization

If you want to be successful, explore the paths that people have taken to reach the top in your industry.

Look for jobs that are suitable for starting a career. Forbes magazine, which recently published a list of the best management development positions, can help. These include sales teams, public relations assistants, freelance accountants and others.

  • Make useful contacts

The best sports management positions go to those with connections to sports organizations, clubs or leagues. Therefore, from the first days of study and internship, try to meet people who occupy important positions in the sports industry.

  • Consider getting an MBA

A master’s degree will be especially important if you realize that you have not been able to acquire the necessary connections during your bachelor’s degree. Also, obtaining a master’s degree is mandatory for sports medics and sports lawyers.

Don’t forget career progress

In your current job, you should be able to grow and develop by getting promotions. If this is not the case, then look for a new place while working on the old one.

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