Call for Nominations: SIWI Stockholm Water Prize 2022 (1 million SEK)

Call for Nominations: SIWI Stockholm Water Prize 2022 (1 million SEK)

Deadline: September 30, 2022

Nominations are invited for the SIWI Stockholm Water Prize 2022. The Stockholm Water Prize recognizes women, men and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the sustainable use and protection of the world’s water resources.

The Stockholm Water Prize is an international water award presented annually since 1991. It started as part of the Stockholm Water Festival, which celebrated that the Swedish capital had managed to reach its goal of having some of the cleanest water in the world. When preparing the festivities, the idea was floated to also create a Nobel Prize for water.

Though the concept was later modified – the Stockholm Water Prize is not part of the Nobel family – the award was modelled on the other prizes to ensure academic and professional excellence. Stockholm Water Prize is awarded by SIWI in cooperation with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and presented by the Swedish King H.M King Carl XVI Gustaf, who is the official patron of the Prize.


The main achievements of the candidate should be within one or both of the following categories:

  • Policy and Practices: This broad category covers achievements in the continuum from political initiatives to practical implementation that has improved the governance and management of water, as a natural and economic resource and/or as a human right and basic service. The category includes:
    • human rights, conflict resolution, influence on policies, international cooperation with application in the water sector
    • sustainable and safe management of water resources
    • provision of water supply and sanitation services
    • development and application of appropriate technologies
  • Research: This category includes both basic and applied research to develop new knowledge of and scientific leadership in:
    • natural, physical, and/or technological processes
    • the functioning of complex systems
    • development or improvement of economical, legislative, institutional or administrative principles for efficient, equitable and sustainable water management and service provision.


  • The winner of the Stockholm Water Prize is announced every year in March, usually in conjunction with World Water Day on 22 March. A royal prize ceremony is held as part of World Water Week in August, where the Laureate plays an important role.
  • In addition to the global acknowledgement and visibility, the Stockholm Water Prize Laureate receives a specially designed sculpture and 1 million SEK.


  • Anyone can submit a nomination for the Stockholm Water Prize.
  • Self-nominations or nominations by persons with direct professional or family ties to the candidate are not permitted.


A good nomination is key to communicating a candidate’s qualifications to the Stockholm Water Prize Nomination Committee.

The international Stockholm Water Prize Nominating Committee works with a two-step nomination process – after the first screening of the short nominations, the nominators of the selected candidates will be contacted and asked to submit a full nomination (a comprehensive compilation of the candidate’s accomplishments, CV, list of publications, evaluation reports, etc. and at least two letters of recommendation).

Tips for preparing nominations (short and full):

  • Represent your candidate – Poorly-prepared or incomplete nominations will not highlight the accomplishments of a candidate and places her/him at a disadvantage.
  • Help the Nomination Committee – Well-written and concise nominations allow the committee members to use their time effectively when evaluating candidates.
  • Provide sufficient but concise information 
  • Plan your argument – Outline your potential candidate’s qualifications, comparing them to the award criteria. This will make it easier to compose your argument. Be certain to address each of the criteria.
  • Fill out the nomination form completely – Make sure you have filled out all applicable fields in a legible manner.

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For more information, see FAQ and visit Stockholm Water Prize.