Theirworld Education Innovation Awards 2021 (£50,000 grant)

Theirworld Education Innovation Awards 2021 (£50,000 grant)

Deadline: June 11, 2021

Are you working hard to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people? Does your organisation have ambitions to take those ideas and projects to the next level? Apply for the Theirworld Education Innovation Awards 2021.

Theirworld can help you to unlock your potential. The Education Innovation Awards 2021 will help interesting and exciting programmes prepare to scale up and reach even more marginalised children and youth. Open to non-profits, NGOs and charities, the Awards will help five winners to build their skills and capacities through masterclasses, one-to-one mentoring and £50,000 scale-ready grants. 


The core themes of the Education Innovation Awards are Innovation, Investment and Inspiration.

  • Innovation: For nearly 20 years Theirworld has been partnering with organisations to help every child have the best start in life, a safe place to learn and skills for the future. They value collaboration and want to work with leaders, changemakers and innovators who have exciting projects to fuel this change.
  • Investment: Theirworld is awarding £50,000 scale-ready grants to five organisations actively working towards reaching marginalised learners in Greece, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey or Uganda. The scale-ready grants are designed to help cover the necessary scaleup costs, generate evidence and help push pilot projects forwards.
  • Inspiration: Theirworld values education at all levels and wants to ensure that participating organisations learn from this Award. They will offer targeted introductory classes to the finalists, masterclasses to the Awards winners, build connections and hone the skills needed to scale up an innovation.


To apply for the Education Innovation Awards, your innovation must be:  

  • Registered as a nonprofit, NGO or charity;
  • At pilot stage with 200+ beneficiaries and 18+ months’ existence and some initial evidence of scaleup potential; 
  • Working in, or planning to scale up to, one or more of the countries in which Theirworld is currently working: Greece, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Turkey, or Uganda;
  • Focused on an issue that falls under one or more of Theirworld’s three pillars:  
    • The best start in life – includes a healthy birth, and quality and inclusive early childhood education. 
    • A safe place to learn – means looking out for vulnerable children and youth, especially children in emergencies and conflict. 
    • Skills for the future – ensures all young people are ready to become engaged citizens able to participate meaningfully in society and the future of work. 
  • Reaching marginalised learners, such as people in poverty and/or refugee or displaced populations.


The application is separated into two stages.

  • The first is a simple three-minute eligibility form that will ascertain if you are eligible for the programme. You will be required to accept the privacy policy at this stage in order to submit your application. Even if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you are still welcome to submit this form and they will be in contact with you when a suitable opportunity arises.
  • If you are eligible, you will be invited to complete the application form. This form should take 30-45 minutes to complete. You will also be asked to submit a detailed budget form, a two-minute video, supporting documentation (including a safeguarding policy).

You must submit your application using the link which you will receive after your eligibility form has been accepted.

For more information, visit Theirworld Awards.