Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Women in Research Essential Grant Writing Skills Workshop 2021

Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Women in Research Essential Grant Writing Skills Workshop 2021

Deadline: July 8, 2021

Applications are open for the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Women in Research Essential Grant Writing Skills Workshop 2021. AREF is inviting women who are emerging biomedical/health researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa to participate in this Workshop.

To fully benefit from this workshop series, you will be at a stage in your research career where you are actively seeking independent funding but have yet to secure that big grant necessary to support your research independence. This fully online program will be held over eight 3-hour sessions during the weeks of September 13, 2021 and October 18, 2021.

There will be a four-week break in between the two sessions, during which you will be expected to write a draft of a proposal. This is an intensive and interactive program that is designed to produce tangible progress towards a grant proposal by the end of the workshop series. Your commitment to the entire series and to the additional work outside of sessions will be necessary to achieve these outcomes.

Program Details

The Workshop’s aim is to enable talented women early-career health- and health-related researchers to build skills to develop their own research and fellowship proposals of the quality required to win competitive international, regional, and national funding.

The Workshop will cover

  • Developing and expressing your unique research niche
  • Formulating your compelling research question
  • Understanding funders’ requirements
  • Writing in plain English
  • Writing the different sections of a proposal
  • Key parts of a typical Case for Support / Project Description
  • Planning your proposal project plan and budget
  • Principles of managing your collaboration and team
  • Understanding and practicing peer review
  • Preparing for a Fellowship interview


  • AREF does not provide funding for participants to access equipment or internet services with which to participate. Nor do they reimburse you or your institution for any other expenses associated with the program or any form of per diem payment.


To be eligible, you need to provide evidence that:

  • You are a woman and a citizen of a country in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • EITHER you have been awarded a research doctorate (PhD/DPhil/MD) from a recognised academic institution within the previous 6 years, i.e. awarded on or after January 1, 2015); OR you have a medical/clinical qualification plus a research-relevant Master’s degree awarded within the previous 6 years.
  • AND you are currently employed in Sub-Saharan Africa by a recognised university and/or specialist research institution.
  • You have not participated already in equivalent proposal development / grant-writing training.
  • A significant part of your current employee role is to develop and conduct health research.
  • You do not already have a significant portfolio of international research grants (Combined value of $300,000 or more).


To apply, please click here to download the Application Form. Send the Form and accompanying documents to [email protected]

For more information, visit AREF.