Why Tutoring Is One Of The Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

Why Tutoring Is One Of The Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

A report by the ERIC Institute of education sciences titled ‘College students helping America’ states that tutoring and mentoring are the most common volunteering activities of the College students of the States. Seeing as it can be one of the most common volunteering activities, we cannot see any reason why it cannot also be the best part-time job for students. 

With the market size of after-school tutoring predicted to boom at 425 million USD globally and the profession itself (although part-time) presenting a lot of positive potential for both the tutor and the tutee. And trust us, it’s more than just about some extra cash and flexibility of time. Tutor HK is a prime example of how tutoring should be done!

  • You Become a Source of Inspiration

The phenomenon of tutoring is becoming increasingly common now, especially among college students who are more inspired and motivated for their future aspirations. 

Another study on disadvantaged children after 2 years of being tutored showed that the children who are tutored are more likely to study better in conventional study settings, have higher aspirations, and are more prone to doing homework regularly than the untutored children.

There’s so much more to tutoring than the flexibility of time and cash. Your role as a tutor allows you to become a source of inspiration for young minds, who might or might not be confused about what to do later in life. And to become a source of inspiration for someone who might as well be a future Nobel Prize winner or a future president is an achievement in itself.

  • Practical Experience and Leadership

The first volume of a three-volume study by the ERIC institute states several advantages for both part-time college student tutors and school-going tutees. One prominent advantage among the ongoing list was that college students who opted for part-time tutoring had more refined, polished, and developed leadership skills and practical experience than those who chose to stay on campus and focus on their studies only.

Along with more practical skills, communication skills were highly improved too and it is easy to analyze why that happened; tutoring requires you to be as open, direct, and clear as possible to yield the best possible result. All the attempts in making a certain concept clear for a tutee will indirectly benefit the tutor in improving his communication and explication skills. 

Also, you cannot deny the fact about how good leadership skills gained through tutoring will look on your resume.

  • The Feynman Technique 

In case you didn’t know, the Feynman technique involves reading about a certain concept as thoroughly as possible, and afterward teaching it to an imaginary child. 

Although the technique is commonly used to learn concepts that are otherwise hard to get a hold of, it doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your already existing concepts in random order by tutoring a child. 

You’ll be surprised as to how many new things you get to learn academically just by teaching a child. Even if you don’t agree that you will learn something new, you simply cannot deny the fact that you will actively recall many of your existing concepts that you can use in your semester exams, quizzes, and all that college exam stuff. And since modern science puts active recall as one of the very important pillars of effective learning, you still learn indirectly (according to the modern definition of learning). 

  • Familiarity With An External Environment 

In a study that analyzed the advantages of tutoring on tutors and tutees, a major advantage on tutees, besides having a better motivation to learn new things, was their familiarity with an environment other than their own. In other words, students were more familiar with the college environment when tutored by a college student even before stepping into college. 

Thus, they experienced less stress about college, gained more optimism about their college choices and major, and gained more confidence in initiating friendly conversations with classmates and college mates. 

Final Thoughts

Tutoring is an excellent part-time job option for college students. Not only does it offer the flexibility of time and some extra cash, but also comes with tons of advantages, both for the student and the teacher helping them both excel in their goals. If you have time to spare and could use some extra money, try part-time tutoring for some time. You’ll be surprised as to how much you’ll enjoy meeting new people and possibly making life-long friends along the way.

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