23rd ASEF Summer University Hackathon 2021 for Asians & Europeans

23rd ASEF Summer University Hackathon 2021 for Asians & Europeans

Deadline: October 3, 2021

Applications are open for the 23rd ASEF Summer University Hackathon. The 23rd ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU23) is a Hackathon for young Asians & Europeans on “Liveable Cities for a Sustainable Future”. ASEFSU23 connects young hackers, designers, innovators, urban planners and SDG experts from 51 countries to collaborate & develop urban solutions in three of the most populated countries in ASEM: Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.

The Hackathon includes three phases:

  • Pre-hack (October 11-29, 2021): Ideation, including challenge definition, knowledge building & stakeholder engagement
  • Hackathon (November 12-14, 2021): Prototype Development with Experts Mentoring
  • Post-hack (up to 3 months post-Hackathon)Prototype Testing and possible implementation, including mentoring & collaboration with partners

ASEFSU23 Hackathon Challenges

ASEFSU23 Hackathon Teams will tackle one of three interdisciplinary urban challenges, linking SDG11 with other socio-economic issues that are part of the UN Agenda2030:

  • Bangladesh (SDG11, SDG12 & SDG13): Creating Clean Cities: Tackling Urban Waste Management
  • India (SDG3 & SDG11): Creating Healthy Cities: Tackling Obesity among Children
  • Pakistan (SDG4, SDG8 and SDG11): Creating Accessible Cities: Enhancing Urban Mobility


  • Sustainable Impact: Play your role towards Sustainable Urbanisation and transform your ideas into concrete urban solutions in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.
  • Award: Winning country teams will receive mentoring by tech companies for further development of the prototype, certified training opportunities for digital leadership or digital perks.
  • Training and Certification: Get trained on Sustainable Urbanisation & SDG11 and receive a certification of participation by all partners. You can also enrol in a unique training and receive up to 10 academic credits from University College Cork (UCC).
  • Network: Build up your network of innovators & experts for future partnerships & collaborations.


You are

  • A Citizen of one of the 51 ASEM Countries;
  • A Young Professional or Student between 18-30 years;
  • A programmer, creator, designer, innovator, developer, entrepreneur, communicator or more, and feel that your skillset can be used to solve the challenges;
  • Enthusiastic to work with an interdisciplinary, intercultural team from Asia & Europe;
  • Keen to learn more about Sustainable Urbanisation in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.


The deadline for application is Sunday, 3 October 2021, 23:59 UTC.

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For more information, visit ASEF.