Top 5 IT jobs to Master in 2022

Top 5 IT jobs to Master in 2022

Remote online jobs are no wonder in the modern world. They are especially up-to-date in times of pandemic where a lot of people lost their opportunities to work in one second and had to struggle with unemployment and mastering new skills in the market. 

The IT field with its technology trends will never lose its popularity and will always be in high demand. The digital trends 2021 also do not give up their positions in the year 2022. However, more and more technology jobs keep appearing in the market and each of them can bring you a great stable income.
Check the following list of IT jobs that will be extremely popular in 2022. When choosing your top paying IT jobs, do not forget about for your safe Internet experience. Any online job can be related to certain risks, so it is crucial to stay secure. Protect your PC from malware and hackers’ attacks, as well as your personal information from being disclosed to perpetrators.

1. Cloud Architect

One of the highest paying IT jobs is the profession of a Cloud Architect. This professional manages the cloud computing strategy. If you know how to manage and support the cloud, this information technology career is definitely for you. 

For mastering this career, you should:

  • understand networking
  • be proficient in programming
  • have security skills

This is one of the most in demand tech jobs because a lot of businesses are looking for people with such skills and experience. This job will bring you from $120.000 to $202.250 depending on the company and your qualification. If you are interested, here you may check google cloud architect jobs.

2. Programmer Analyst

If you have experience as a system analyst, this is one of the top IT jobs in demand for future that would suit you perfectly well. While working as a programmer analyst, you will have to design and code new programs and write documentation of the process with the help of diagrams. If you have already worked as a computer programmer, you will master this job easily since it is very much related to the latter. 

This position can bring you from $88.800 to $154.000. However, you should have the following skills to obtain such a job:

  • Be proficient in Java, C, and C+
  • Have deep programming knowledge
  • Be able to debug and troubleshoot systems
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in IT, CS, or other related fields

3. Software Engineer

The job of a software engineer remains to be one of the most popular IT careers and nothing will change in 2022. Businesses still hire software engineers and really appreciate great specialists in this field. You will have to deal with the design, development, and installation of software systems. To become a good specialist in this field, you will have to master coding, designing, and app-building skills.

Different companies often look for software engineers in health care or the government. For today, these tech jobs most in demand are open in the United States in the amount of 40k positions. This job will bring you at least $110.250. The requirements for this job are as follows:

  • Knowledge of Python, Javascript, Ruby, and Java
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science for entry-level positions
  • Associate’s degree or coding certificate
  • Advanced degrees in computer science for senior-level positions

4. Data Scientists

The latest computers technologies cannot be possible without data scientists. They do not only manage but also analyze large data volumes using AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling. You will need to have advanced skills in math and technology to obtain this position. Businesses need to cultivate their strategies, so this is one of the most in demand tech jobs for the next 10 years. 

You have a chance to earn up to $95k as a data scientist. However, before you decide to work in this field, make sure you have the package of the following skills:

  • Visualization of data
  • Calculus
  • Linear algebra 
  • Coding
  • Deep and machine learning
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, statistics

5. Network Administrator

If you know how to deal with LAN/WAN protocols, have knowledge in software and hardware, this position could be yours in 2020. The average salary is $113k. You will have to deal with the troubleshooting and be always there in case of any emergency.

If you want to work as a network administrator, make sure to possess the following skills:

  • Presentation of networking plans
  • Diagnostic and analytics
  • Expertise in business IT
  • Professional certifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in information systems/computer science
  • 5-10 years of experience as a computer systems analyst or database administrator 

This job is predicted not to lose its popularity until 2029 at least. 

If you plan to master a new remote online profession, think of the IT field. Pay attention to these top-5 most demanded professions in 2022. If you already work in IT, you will have no problem growing in one of the above-mentioned jobs.

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