ASFIT Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Program 2022 for Changemakers in Ghana

ASFIT Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Program 2022 for Changemakers in Ghana

Deadline: May 6, 2022

Calling on young peacebuilders and changemakers in Ghana: Applications are open for the 2nd Cohort of ASFIT Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Program.

ASFIT Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Program is designed to offer young people who are already into peacebuilding and those interested in going into peacebuilding to be mentored, coached and trained by seasoned experts of conflict management, dialogue, youth, peace, and security etc. The program is completely virtual and participants can enjoy the full program experience regardless of their present location. The interest in this program is enormous.


  • Participants are expected to exhibit better understanding of the various concepts of peace building including clear understanding of the various forms of violence (cultural, structural and physical) negative/positive peace, conflicts etc.
  • Participants will become aware of the various policy frameworks on #Youth4Peace and apply them in their peace building activities for example localization of the UNSCR2250 etc.
  • Additionally, participants and to a large extent the community will learn more about the Sustainable Development goals known as global goals and how they can assist to their achievement.
  • Empowerment of youth participants with the right skills and tools to actively engage in peace processes and advocacy.
  • Participants are expected to become active advocates for Youth, Peace and Security in Ghana and work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16.
  • Participants may also get the opportunity to volunteer with us and other organizations.


  • Must be 35 years old or younger.
  • Must be able to communicate in English language.
  • Must reside in Ghana.
  • Must be commit the time required to participate fully in the program.
  • Must posses a phone, tablet or PC to be able to join training sessions.


Click here to apply.

For more information, visit ASFIT Young Peacebuilders.