Use CSCS Practice Tests to Prepare for Your Certification Exam

Use CSCS Practice Tests to Prepare for Your Certification Exam

When it comes to taking on hard exams that cover massive amounts of material, there’s no easy-out, or road of least resistance. Exams like the CSCS are designed to be challenging and push even the most dedicated students; however, just because an exam may be challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, when it comes to taking an exam like the CSCS, there are ways that you can help raise your chances of getting the score you want that is more effective than you may realize. 

When it comes to taking exams, there are typically two kinds of people in the world – the ones who are naturally good at tests and the ones that struggle. Regardless of whether you get test anxiety, the fact remains that both types of people must study. In fact, while some exams can be very daunting and even seem scary, the truth about any assessment is that with a good work ethic and attitude, you can conquer it. 

One of the biggest things you can do to help you pass the CSCS is to use your study time wisely. This involves everything from careful planning, setting critical goals, and using the right kinds of study tools that can help further your chances of getting the score you want. If you are preparing for the CSCS, here are some tools and tips that will help you get the score you want! 

Low and High Yield Concepts

The first thing you have to do when it comes to doing well on an exam like the CSCS is to get a good idea of what it will take to gain the knowledge you need. There has never been a ‘trick’ to exams or some way of getting around the hard work that it takes to do well. If you have a mastery of the knowledge, then you have nothing to worry about. The problem is that with some exams like the CSCS, the materials you cover are extensive. 

The CSCS has over 650 pages worth of material that you could be tested over. This is a substantial and heavy amount of material to try and master. In fact, it’s so much material that the chances are you shouldn’t shoot to master all of it. When it comes to taking exams, there are two kinds of information you need to be aware of – high yield information and low yield information. 

Both kinds of information are important to understanding and mastering the material to do well on assessment day; however, these two types of information should not share the same kind of demand on your time. A low-yield concept or piece of information is something you want to be generally familiar with. You may see this on an exam, and in that case, you want to be in the general ballpark. However, high-yield information and concepts are things you want to have a firm handle on. 

High-yield concepts and information will be heavily covered in exams and have the biggest return for your investment. These are going to be things that come up over and over throughout the exam in different ways, while low yield concepts and information may appear on the exam, but much less than high yield. 

The Power of Practice Tests 

One of the most effective tools you can use to help ensure that you are concentrating on the right kind of information as you study are practice tests. The benefit of taking a CSCS practice test can’t be overstated. This not only gives you a chance to test out your knowledge and see what areas of information you need to focus more time and attention on, but it also helps you to create critical schedule goals. 

You should use a practice exam as a goal in your studying timeline. This means pulling out a calendar, marking out when you want to take a practice exam, and then working up to it. This helps you on so many levels because it can encourage and support a healthy studying structure. Too often when you attempt a large exam like the CSCS it’s easy to get discouraged or even distracted by the sheer volume of materials you need to study. A practice exam can help to keep you on track and focused on specific timelines. 


A CSCS practice test is an awesome tool to help you do a couple of important things while studying for the exam. It will help you understand if you are spending enough time on high-yield concepts and information, as the practice test will simulate the kind of content covered in the actual exam. It will also help you to structure your study time which is a critical part of making sure you stay on schedule and don’t waste your precious study time. 

The CSCS exam is hard, and it covers a lot of material, but with the right tools and a willingness to put in the work, passing the CSCS is something you can do!

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