Call for Application: 2013 Women Mentoring Women Formal Match Up

Deadline: No yet specified

We are pleased to announce that the applications for the 2013 Formal Match Up and Mentoring Challenge are out again. This is an exciting mentoring opportunity and we are ready to receive a new set of young women who will participate and benefit from this year’s Mentoring Cycle & Challenge!!!

Now in its 6th year, the programme matches young women between the ages of 18 and 35 with inspirational women leaders who can guide them in developing their personality, self esteem and help them grow their small businesses, nurture relationships and make positive life choices at variant levels of challenges.

As a mentee, you are paired through a highly selective process for three months with a mentor; a woman with experience and knowledge. So are you a young woman? Do you need Direction, Redirection, Branding or Re-branding of your Ideas, Goals, Career and Life? Are you looking to develop your leadership skills? Are you seeking a job, currently working, or attending university and looking towards the future? Then, consider becoming a mentee!

Also, women between the ages of 36 and above are most welcome to Sign Up as Mentors.

Contact: For any further enquiries or access to applications, please contact Andlyn via email at [email protected]

For more information and to download applications, click here.