Support a Global Changemaker – Joseph Opuku to attend RELEAD Conference

I am delighted to inform you that Joseph Opuku, a Global Changemaker and active reader has been selected to attend RELEAD Conference in Bangalore, India. Its a big one for him and now he needs a little bit of your support >>>

Here is more about Joseph – 

Joseph Opoku is a Ghanaian student at the African Leadership Academy and founder of ‘Passionate for Change‘- an NGO dedicated to empowering young people in Ghana using entrepreneurship education.

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About the RELEAD Conference

RELEAD is a week-long international program for high-potential young leaders under 35 who seek to understand and impact the world by building skills and perspectives to lead into the future. This event powered by the Blue Ribbon Movement, will bring together the latest and most relevant training and individuals to build this capacity in young people.

Through a combination of speakers, workshops, simulations, reflection, art and theatre, discussions and on-field projects, participants will re-examine what leadership means to them and develop their own philosophy and way of leading. It will also share the unique Indian approach of servant leadership, while drawing from domains like ontology, psychology and management.

Joseph will be trained in the following areas:

  • Day 1: Corporate and Academia
  • Day 2: Government and Civil Society
  • Day3: Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Day4: Spirituality and Ecology/Sustainability
  • Day 5: Arts and Media
  • Day 6: Self and Reflection

He has received a 75% scholarship from The Blue Ribbon Movement which put current conference fee at $290 excluding airticket. He will need about $1200 to attend this event. In his own words, he says, ‘This event is very important to me and I am humbly requesting for your support.’

It is now up to you and I. Wouldn’t you rather support the enthusiastic, passionate, hardworking and determined youth who will help shape our future? Support Joseph in anyway you can. He is on a task to raise fund to be able to attend this summit. This is your chance to change the world.

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Thank you in advance!