Interview with April Young Person of the Month – Bruce Dube

The long awaited interview is finally here. Opportunity Desk’s Grace Ihejiamaizu spoke with Bruce Dube (the April Young Person of the Month) about his perspective on the role of the internet, especially social media on the development of youth across the world. Bruce also reveals some of the opportunities information blogs like have created for him.

Enjoy reading and let us have your own thoughts too.

What role do you think the Internet can play to facilitate development in the lives of the youth

I think the internet has a huge role to play in facilitating development in the lives of the youth as it works to alleviate the challenges associated with poor access to developmental info in communities with little infrastructure . The internet has a lot of content on education, entrepreneurship, employment etc and this creates opportunities for youth to progress, research and learn more beyond what their community and school offers them

What would you say are some of the positives that can be drawn from online platforms Particularly blogs like Opportunity Desk to help facilitate better access to developmental information?

I think the possibilities that can be drawn are largely access to opportunities at local, national, continental and global level. Opportunities that could see that you access networks of people with varying skill sets and experiences who can add value to what you are doing with your own initiatives. Opportunities that could see someone travel and learn from new environments. The role platforms like Opportunity Desk can and are playing – is life changing for people who make the most of the platforms

On a personal level what opportunities have info blogs like Opportunity Desk created for you?

Personally through blogs like I managed to get into a network of change makers called the British Council Global ChangeMakers which is a network that has changed my life tremendously. Through this Global Change Makers network I have traveled the world, spoken at high profile events on Youth Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership meetings. I have also partnered with key role players in business and youth development across Europe. The experience brought by the opportunities blogs like OD has really been mind blowing . Without these platforms I would not have known about these opportunities. I am currently connected to 60 young people who are experts in their fields of interest and doing remarkable work for their communities.

How do you think initiatives like these can help other young people like you?

I think initiatives like OD can help young people access resources and information that could help them improve their personal and work activities . Platforms like OD can help connect youth in different spectrum of leadership or nation building to share, learn and impart knowledge using the networks and opportunities that are made available by initiatives like OD

Any final words for our YOUTH?

We live in very exciting times. Times where we are presented with a lot of challenges and a fair share of opportunities. How to model your situations and create a better world for you and everyone is a RESPONSIBILITY you choose to assume or ignore. As an African, I strongly feel that I have a huge role to play to facilitate for development in the lives of my community and my continent. A Kenyan friend of mine once said to me “Bruce, your being holds no value if it does not benefit people around you” and since that day I have been carrying this ideology.

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