Entries Invited for URBAN 2013 International Street Photo Contest

Deadline: May 31, 2013

Entries are now being accepted for the URBAN 2013 International Street Photo Contest. The contest is built around three themes: Street Photography, Geometrics and Urban Fashion.

The URBAN contest is organized by dotART cultural association and has as its main theme “daily life in the city” which is seen through street photography: real, instant images, that capture moments, people, faces, streets, buildings and other elements capable of telling stories woven into the urban fabric. The star of the show: the City.


The total prize money is more than € 3,000!

Prizes are divided as follows:

Winner: 700 € + medal + 1 year Book Power account (150 € – see below in “Other Prizes”)
2nd: 500 € + medal + 1 year Book Power account (150 € – see below in “Other Prizes”)
3rd: 300 € + medal + 1 year Book Power account (150 € – see below in “Other Prizes”)

Entry Requirements

  • Each participant may submit up to 9 works (3 for each theme), none of which may have previously won an award in another competition (the penalty for using previously awarded photos is the exclusion of the entry in question from the competition)
  • Photos in colour or in black and white are accepted
  • post production and software corrections are to be kept to a minimum
  • Photo compositions or pictures with visible signatures from the photographer will not be accepted
  • Images or works with offensive content will not be accepted

Entry Fee

In order for the first photo to be accepted, the fixed € 10 entry fee must be paid; further photos may be entered at a cost of € 5 per photo.

Professional artists, photographers and communication experts will judge entries and choose the winners (jury members are currently being selected, with the final panel to be announced shortly). After the closure of the competition, works selected by the jury will receive awards and will then appear in a collective exhibit (location and dates to be announced).

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