Enter the 2013 People & Planet International Photo Competition

Deadline: May 1, 2013

Entries are invited for the People & Planet International Photography Competition. The contest is organised by People & Planet and aims to select 53 photos to be published in the 2014 People & Planet: Social Justice & Environment Diary and Calendar, which will raise money for their Australian charity partners. The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers anywhere in the world.


  • All 53 winners will receive a free copy of the 2013 People & Planet Diary,
  • Cash prizes will go to the best two photos and the photo that is used on the cover of the People & Planet Diary & Calendar.


  • Amateur and professional photographers anywhere in the world can apply
  • People living in the developing/majority world are encouraged to enter
  • They are looking for 53 extraordinary images of people, places or objects which tell a story about a social-justice or environment issue.
  • Photos of almost any genre will be accepted, including portraits, landscapes, animals, objects, or any combination of these. Photos with “good news” stories about social-justice or the environment are particularly invited.

With 53 spots up for grabs, this is an incredible opportunity to have your photos published and achieve international recognition!


  • You can submit up to 4 photos per entrant.
  • All submitted photos must be accompanied by 3-5 sentences describing the image and the social-justice or environment issues which are raised by the photo.
  • Photos will be assessed jointly with the accompanying description.
  • The images can be colour or B&W, but must be at least 300 dpi resolution, supplied in JPEG format, with a maximum file size of 10 MB. We like minimal Photoshop-ing, and we will usually exclude photos where Photoshop-ing is obvious.
  • Please don’t submit images that were submitted to this competition in previous years.

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