Peter Thiel Gives 20 Teenagers $100,000 to Leave School and Start a Company

We found this amazing feature and thought to share. Peter Thiel, through The Thiel Foundation is giving out $100,000 to 20 teenagers to drop out of school and start a company. According to Business Insider, Peter Thiel is famous for being Facebook’s first investor and the co-founder and former CEO at PayPal.

Meet the 20 teen-entrepreneurs:

  1. Daniel Zulla, 19 from Germany
  2. Darren Lim, 19 from Singapore
  3. Delian Asparouhov, 19, from Salt Lake City, UT
  4. Diwank Singh Tomer, 19 from Palo Alto, Calif
  5. Gary Le, 19 from East Brunswick, NH
  6. Y Combinator, 19 from Armonk, NY
  7. Kevin Wang, 18 from Vernon Hills, IL
  8. Laura Ball, 19 from Wauwatosa, WI
  9. Maddy Maxey, 18 from San Diego, Calif
  10. Mark Danie, 19 from Nashville, Tenn.
  11. Nelson Zhang, 19 from Toronto, ON, Canada
  12. Nick Liow, 18 from Vancouver, BC, Canada
  13. Riley Drake, 18 from Baltimore, MD
  14. Riley Ennis, 19 from McLean, VA
  15. Ritesh Agarwal, 19 from New Delhi, India
  16. Thomas Sohmers, 17 from Hudson, MA
  17. William Legate, 18 from Marietta, GA
  18. Xinyi Chen, 19 from Beijing, China
  19. Andrew Brackin, 18 from London, U.K
  20. Austin Russell, 18 from Newport Beach, Calf

Read more about them and their innovative ideas on Business Insider:

Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the only solution to the world’s challenge of unemployment. Education should be seen as an addition not as a means to an end. These young entrepreneurs should inspire us. For some of them, this is not their first company.

Question for YOU! If you were a  teenager, would you do this? Would you drop out of school to start a business if you had $100,000? Let’s have your thoughts please. Drop your comments below.