Tony Blair FGI Summer Courses for Students and Professionals

Deadline: May 31, 2013

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation in collaboration with its partner universities  is inviting applications for its 2013 Faith and Globalization Initiative (FGI) Summer courses. The summer courses are an intensive program for students and professionals that will focus on the interaction between religion and foreign policy. This year’s theme is on Religion and Foreign Policy: Investigating the Role of Religion in Conflict and Post-conflict Societies and will take place at Prishtina, Kosovo from 5th-17th August, 2013.

FGI Summer Courses uses a range of teaching methods and course content to equip diplomats, professionals and students with the critical understanding they require to tackle conceptual and practical challenges at the intersection of religion and foreign policy practice.


Participants in the Summer Course will gain:

  • Insight into why religions must be taken into consideration when developing foreign policy;
  • An understanding of how religion can be a tool for mobilisation and a catalyst for conflict;
  • An introduction to common principles among religions for facilitating reconciliation;
  • Knowledge of how religions are embedded in social traditions and how they can be used to promote sustainable peace-building;
  • An opportunity to interact with world-leading theologians and historians in a post-conflict environment where they can experience firsthand the contribution of faith in shaping the context of conflict, reconciliation and post-conflict transformations.

The course will bring students together with diplomats and professionals from around the world to study both the conceptual and practical challenges that arise at the intersection of religion and foreign policy, with a specific focus on conflicts, reconciliation, and post-conflict transformations.

For more information on the course, criteria, fees and visas, click here.