Apply to attend the 2013 HJU Summer Seminar in Japan: Scholarships Available

Deadline: May 27, 2013

The Hiroshima Jogakuin University (HJU) is organizing the 2013 Global Studies, Peace and Leadership Summer Seminar from June 17-August 21, 2013 in Japan. The seminar is a five-week intensive international program for university students from across the world who are interested in creating social impact and change by exploring global issues, peace (and conflict), and cultivating their leadership skills. If this sounds like you, you are invited to apply.

About the Program

Students and participants experience virtual based classroom preparation before embarking on a journey through Asia; comprised of a 1-week Peace Seminar, followed by a 10-day service learning fieldwork with partnering NGOs based in Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand. Everything culminates with a 2-day Wrap Up and Next Steps Session.


The Wesley Foundation is offering partial and full scholarships to eligible candidates from Japan, Asia and other countries to attend the HJU Summer Seminar. The scholarship cover the following;

  • Program fees including cost of meals, lodging, transportation and associated administrative items
  • Fieldwork travel: including flight and in-country transportation to the following fieldwork countries: Cambodia, Philippines or Thailand


  • Application is open to undergraduate/graduate students and active young professionals working in the social sector
  • HJU/American Students are not eligible to receive scholarships

Note: Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Apply as early as possible.

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