Apply to Become a Student Reporter at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Dalian-China

Deadline: June 30, 2013

Students Reporters, a not-for-profit journalism incubator and online media outlet that trains young reporters to provide media coverage of events around the world, has for the first time, opened up applications to recruit new reporters for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013 in Dalian-China. The team will be composed of five reporters from around the world, led by two editors.

The meeting which will take place at Dalian, China, from 11-13 September, 2013 will convene over 1,500 participants from business, government, media, academia and civil society under the theme “Meeting the Innovation Imperative”. The conference will address today’s most critical concerns in economic, industry and technological developments that are reshaping consumer behaviors, business models, and growth patterns.

What Student Reporters Offer

  • Through their training program and hands-on experience at the conference with global media players, they will help you develop skills in online journalism, specifically in profile writing, critical analysis and business reporting.
  • They will produce both written and multimedia work, as well as curated news releases to engage their audiences back home during the conference.


  • Coverage of food and accommodation at conference site, and conference participation fee
  • Travel fees up to 400 USD.

Please plan ahead: Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter the People’s Republic of China.


  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level or above, preferably at the Masters or Doctoral level; professional degree programs welcome).
  • Strong academic background in business/policy/economics (with ideally a concentration in environmental and social issues).
  • Experience in online journalism.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.

Before applying, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with Student Reporters work, especially their recent conference projects and the types of articles they produce.

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