Applications Invited: Idea to Seed (I2S) Incubation Program

Deadline: July 30, 2013

Are you a young entrepreneur resident in Uganda? Do you have mature ideas on mobile and web to move them to products and create successful startups that are financially viable and freestanding? Outbox is looking to support you with the necessary tools, guidance and support to test your product in market and create a well structured startup with all the required processes.

Outbox invites up to 4 teams of highly energized individuals for their upcoming 3 month business incubation program with support from Deloitte and Google, where they shall work to develop the ideas into products/services and launch them into the market.

Selection Criteria

  • Clear understanding of the problem you are solving and the target audience.
  • Focus on mobile and web
  • Understanding of your revenue sources and costs
  • Does the business have the potential to generate growth in revenues significantly faster than it’s cost base? (Scalable)?
  • Does the team have a prototype of their product?
  • To what extent does the solution differ from currently existing solutions?
  • Is that team composed of more than one and ideally not more than 4 founders?
  • Resident in Uganda

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