ISIF Asia Grants for Innovative and Development-focused Projects

Deadline: August 9, 2013

Do you have creative ICT solutions to development needs? The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) is now accepting applications for the 2014 Grant cycle. Grants will be provided to project proposals to be implemented in a period of 3 to 12 months for up to AUD 30,000 that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria. ISIF Asia provides financial support for projects in the form of “small grants.”

Project proposals should provide clear and concrete information about the proposed initiative so the evaluation committee can properly assess it. Innovation and a development focus should be an integral part of all project proposals received during the application process.

The funding categories are:

  • Innovation on access to information and communication technologies
  • Innovation on learning and localization: 
  • Code for the common good:
  • Rights


Each application will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Project proposals submitted by public or private sector organizations, university, or research and development institutions and non-government organizations will be considered. Individuals are not eligible for grants.
  • ISIF Asia will ONLY support initiatives managed by organizations based in the Asia Pacific region, as described in the list of economies served by APNIC.
  • Project proposals must provide evidence of a demonstrated capacity by the applying organization to manage the funds, conduct project activities and document outcomes effectively, within the specified budget and time limits. 
  • Project proposals must be aligned to the funding categories within ISIF Asia scope.
  • Project proposals exceeding that maximum grant amount and timeline must specify where the additional funds will be obtained to bring the project to completion.
  • Provide a complete budget of how the ISIF Asia grant will be spent. The ISIF Asia program may decide to partially fund a proposal. Administrative overheads will not be funded. All expenses should be organized according to the following categories to be eligible for funding:
    • Equipment: All devices needed for the project deployment
    • Personnel: Salaries of project team if they work 50% of the time or more
    • Professional services: Consultants, technical support, programming, documentation, etc. Project team that works less than 50% of the time
    • Research expenses: Training workshops for project beneficiaries, materials, publications, local travel
    • International travel: International travel expenses such as accommodation, airfares, visa applications, per diem, etc. Participation in conferences, presentation, field trips
    • Training: Training courses for project team (fees and travel expenses – local or international)
    • Support services: Web hosting, transcripts, translations, logistics, workshops facilitation, etc.

During the selection process, the ISIF Asia secretariat will give consideration to regional diversity and balance.

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