2014 Anne Wexler Master’s Scholarships

Deadline: September 30, 2013

Applications for the 2014 Anne Wexler Scholarships are now open. The aim of the Scholarships is to grow Australian-American educational linkages by building the network of public policy experts and to encourage ongoing policy exchange between both countries. The Scholarships package will be awarded for a maximum two year period and be valued at up to AUD 140,000. This scholarship will enable postgraduate students with strong academic credentials and leadership potential to undertake a Master’s degree in Australia or the United States in an area that supports Mrs Wexler’s binational interests in the field of public policy.

Two Wexler Scholarships will be awarded annually. One for an Australian citizen to enrol in and complete a full U.S. Masters degree in Public Policy while in receipt of the Anne Wexler Scholarship and one for an American (US) citizen to enrol in and complete a full Australian Masters degree in Public Policy while in receipt of the Anne Wexler Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

The Scholarships package will be awarded for a maximum two year period and be valued at up to AUD 140,000 each. Benefits include:

  • Living, travel, insurance & establishment allowances
  • National Orientation Program and a Fulbright Presentation Dinner
  • Enrichment Seminars in the United States with international Fulbright Scholars
  • Distinguished professional network with U.S. and Australian Fulbright Alumni Associations
  • A support agency in the U.S. that assists with visas, events, and networks
  • Media and publicity support


  • Applicants must be citizens and permanent residents of Australia or U.S. People who hold dual Australian and U.S. citizenship are ineligible to apply.
  • Undergraduate academic record which meets admission requirements to an Australian / U.S. Masters program.
  • Short-listed applicants must be available to attend an interview by video conference or similar.
  • Successful applicants will be required to pass a medical examination at their own expense before a Scholarship offer can be finalised.
  • Previous travel (either personal or professional) to Australia / U.S. will not exclude applicants, however where two applications are considered of equal merit, preference will be given to the applicant who has not been previously educated in Australia / U.S.
  • Wexler Scholars cannot be in receipt of other scholarships which fund a Master’s degree program.

Selection criteria

Applicants will be selected on the following criteria:

  • High academic and professional merit: Applicants must have a record of achievement in their chosen field, such as academic record, publications, professional recognition or presentations.
  • Scholarship proposal: Proposals need to be feasible and relevant to the interests of the applicant, and Australia and the U.S.

Proposals should:

  • Outline the study program and or research project
  • Define and outline goals of the project and their significance to Australian and United States interests and its institutions in achieving these goals
  • Define the relevance and value of the program to further the mutual understanding and relationships between the United States and Australia
  • Outline potential outcomes
  • Define the potential benefits to the applicant’s institution, employer and/or profession
  • Outline how results and/or outcomes will be disseminated
  • Outline the long term links that may be established at a personal, or professional level.
  • Leadership potential: Applicants must outline their ability to promote mutual understanding between Australia and the United States.

Adaptability: Applicants must demonstrate their willingness to adjust successfully to life in the U.S.

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