Flash Theater – Invisible Performances on TV: Support the Initiative

The “Flash Theater – Invisible Performances on TV” project will stage invisible performances in public places involving the audience in discussions of identity and diversity. They want to produce a TV show out of this. Brian Bwesigwe is the team lead. Read his message below:

I am Brian Bwesigye. I started the Center for African Cultural Excellence (CACE) to promote the prominence of the arts and culture in society. Flash Theater will use invisible theater performances (where professional performers engage the audience in a play the audience do not know is rehearsed) to shine light and create discussions on identity and diversity in Kampala. I am interested in having this discussion because I was once (in 2007) mistaken to belong to another ethnic identity than my own and unsavory comments made about me by members of my ethnic identity. Such stereotypes breed violence and disharmony in society in the long-run. To turn difference into beauty, performances based on such experiences will lead to discussions of our diversity as a society and create more awareness of ‘the other’ hence building a peaceful multicultural community. With contributions received, we shall produce three episodes of a TV show and publish a book exploring the experiences of the performers of the project as regards diversity and identity in Kampala.

We need 1500 USD in total. 1200 USD will be used in the production of three episodes of a TV show based on the performances. Each episode will cost us 400 USD. We shall also use 300 USD to publish a print-edition of a Flash Theater memoir, exploring the performers’ experiences and perspectives on multiculturalism, identity and diversity in Kampala.

For contributing to our project, you shall be mentioned in the credits for the TV Show as a sponsor, receive a copy of the Flash Theatre memoir and the episodes of the resulting TV show. We will be able to use the funds we receive economically, even if we do not reach our target.

Your contribution is essential for us to be able to have some episodes produced before we can approach major television stations to fund the production of further episodes. You are empowering us to prove how the idea works, and to share with the world discussions created by artistic pieces, performed in public places.

You can share this campaign with your networks and get your friends talking about and contributing to our project. We promise you engaging episodes of the TV show from this pilot.

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Funding duration: October 04, 2013 – December 03, 2013 (11:59pm PT).

For more details, visit this link.