African Leadership Academy Model African Union Conference 2014

African Leadership Academy Model African Union Conference 2014

Deadline: January 17, 2014

Registration for the African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2014 is now open. The International Relations Council of African Leadership Academy (ALA) is launching the Model African Union conference as a means of educating the next generation of African and global leaders on the intricacies of diplomacy and Pan-African cooperation. Between 9th April – 13th April 2014, 118 young leaders will simulate five organs of the African Union and one regional economic organization, attempting to resolve in five days of intense brainstorming and negotiations, some of the longest-running and most complicated issues on the continent.

The conference experience will not be limited to committee sessions; through keynote presentations by African Union officials and international relations experts, a diplomatic roundtable featuring ambassadors from several countries, educational tours to historic sites and a celebration of cultural diversity through the Cultural Night, delegates will experience a highly intellectual, educative and exciting conference. Finally, there will be a parallel conference for faculty advisors accompanying students, as they will be exposed to presentations by several thought-leaders in Africa, and engaged in peer learning.

Eligibility and Application

  • Participation at ALAMAU 2014 is open to high schools from all regions of Africa and around the world.
  • Each school wishing to participate will be expected to register a delegation comprising of five high school juniors or seniors (15-19 years old) and one faculty member.

Applicants should download the registration (pdf) form, fill and submit required documents, upon which confirmation of acceptance will be issued to selected schools. Confirmed participants will be given country and committee assignments in due course.

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