Ambassadorship Program – Win Air Tickets and More! Ambassadorship Program – Win Air Tickets and More!

Deadline: January 19, 2014

Do you like travelling? Do you want to work with people from all over the world, and earn valuable work experience. If yes, Congratulations! You are eligible to be an Ambassador for The Best Travelled. is recruiting for its next ambassador season which starts on February 3rd. (TBT) is a website. Conceived as an interactive, constantly evolving and expanding international project, TBT will bring together travellers within a well-designed community to encourage information exchange, travel planning and as well as an environment to enjoy friendly travel competition.


  • Your participation in this programme will hopefully lead you to meet interesting people, develop varied skills individually and in a team, and possibly get you travelling to interesting new places!
  • This is a unique opportunity to win an airfare, obtain a letter of recommendation or a full-time position with the website


  • The ambassador per month with most points gets a free regional air ticket.
  • The best ambassador per 3 months gets a free long-distance air ticket, while ambassadors in positions 2-5 get travel-related gifts and gadgets.
  • If they complete three months successfully, ambassadors can request a recommendation letter from

About the Ambassadorship

What the ambassadorship means:

  • you are a representative of in a specific country or region
  • you have a wide variety of tasks and complete autonomy
  • you promote the website in any way you can and get new members
  • you find business associates and create alliances
  • you make videos and other creative initiatives
  • you have to write a report 1-2 times a month and see how many points you gathered


  • Candidates from anywhere in the world can apply!
  • You need to have a passport, a computer and a curiosity to learn more about the world

For more information, visit the Facebook Page or contact the Electra (ambassador manager) at [email protected].

To apply, click here.