Weblog Awards 2014 – International Blogging Competition

Weblog Awards 2014 – International Blogging Competition

Deadline: January 26, 2014

Entries are now invited worldwide for the Weblog Awards 2014. The Weblog Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates the best in blogging. There are over 30 categories open for nomination. Blogs from around the world may be nominated in multiple categories.

Award Categories The Categories include:

  1. Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
  2. Best Asian Weblog
  3. Best African Weblog
  4. Best European Weblog
  5. Best Latin American Weblog
  6. Best Canadian Weblog
  7. Best Education Weblog
  8. Best LGBT Weblog
  9. Best Religion or Spirituality Weblog
  10. Best Weblog About Politics
  11. Best Health or Wellness Weblog
  12. Best Travel Weblog
  13. Best Photography of a Weblog
  14. Best Art, Craft or Design Weblog
  15. Best Food Weblog
  16. Best Pet or Animal Weblog
  17. Best Parenting or Family Weblog
  18. Best Book Weblog
  19. Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog
  20. Best Topical Weblog
  21. Best Designed Weblog
  22. Most Humorous Weblog
  23. Best Writing of a Weblog
  24. Best Group or Community Weblog
  25. Best-Kept Secret Weblog
  26. Best New Weblog
  27. Best Business or Corporate Weblog
  28. Best Book Weblog
  29. Best Entertainment Weblog
  30. Lifetime achievement
  31. Weblog of the Year


  • Any pages with dated entries that existed at some point during the year 2013 are eligible.
  • Only one nomination ballot and one finalist ballot may be submitted per person.
  • E-mail addresses are required to vote. You must use your own address and confirm the verification e-mail.
  • If you verify a second ballot, your first one will be replaced.
  • In the nomination phase:
    • URLs are required.
    • Your ballot must contain at least three unique nominees.
    • Weblogs may be nominated for multiple categories.
    • Nominees must suit the category they are placed in.
  • Weblogs may win a category over multiple years a maximum of three times.


Two hundred randomly selected voters will be invited to select the finalists from a list of the most-nominated weblogs in 10 random categories. Winners will be announced March 31. The Weblog of the Year receives a prize of US$20.14.

Understand the rules? Then start nominating the weblogs you find most deserving of a Bloggie.

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