European Youth Foundation – Grants for International Youth Activities

European Youth Foundation – Grants for International Youth Activities

Deadline: April 1, 2014/  October 1, 2014/ October 1, 2015

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) calls for local, national and international NGOs focused on youth work from Council of Europe member states to apply for financial support for European youth activities. EYF aims to encourage co-operation amongst young people in Europe by providing financial support to youth activities. It concerns activities, which serve the promotion of peace, understanding and co-operation in a spirit of respect for human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity.

The EYF gives NGOs the opportunity to apply for 5 different grant types, each one with a specific purpose, rules and expectations:

  • International activity – including meetings of young people or youth leaders in Europe in order to promote participation and intercultural learning. The EYF will cover up two-thirds of the total cost. Maximum grant: €€20,000.
  • Annual work plan – including a series of activities for the following year(s), international activities, pilot activities and also publication (including web development). These activities would be part of and support your NGO’s strategy or action plan for the coming years. Maximum grant: €50,000.
  • Structural grant – The European Youth Foundation may, on an annual basis, grant international non-governmental youth organisations or networks a contribution to cover part of the general administrative costs involved in running their activities at European level. Maximum annual grant: €€25,000.
  • One-off structural grant – The Foundation may also contribute to the administrative costs of regional networks, in order to help them to establish a European structure. Maximum one-off grant: €10,000.
  • Pilot activity – is an intervention addressing a specific societal challenge linked to the local context in which it takes place. Maximum grant: €10,000.


  • Applicants must represent either an international non-governmental youth organisation or network,a national or local non-governmental youth organisation or network, or non-governmental structures involved in youth work, from the Council of Europe member states.

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