Apply for the 2014 Media in Conflict Seminar in Isreal

Apply for the 2014 Media in Conflict Seminar in Isreal

Deadline: May 15, 2014

Passionate and young leading journalist are invited to apply to attend the Media in Conflict Seminar.

The “Media in Conflicts Seminar” (MICS) is a hands-on seminar born to expose future media leaders to the fascinating world of conflicts coverage. MICS is a five days opportunity to learn how to create a balanced and professional coverage.

The Media in Conflicts Seminar is an academic and professional communications seminar held annually in Israel. This year’s MICS program will take place from : 31 August to 4 September 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel. MICS was created by leading students of the Interdisciplinary center (IDC) who wanted to create a professional network of young journalists who will shape the world’s conflicts coverage of tomorrow.

The 5-day seminar includes:

  • Lectures by top experts in the fields of conflict journalism, terrorism, defense and security, Middle East, international law and more.
  • A strategic tour of Jerusalem and the conflict areas
  • Hands-on workshops


  • MICS is a fully sponsored seminar, all accommodation, transportation and meals are fully subsidized.
  • The seminar gives you the opportunity to meet young journalists from around the world and the professional tools to excel in this field.


  • The payment that applicants must deem necessary is flight arrangements to and from Israel.


  • Have an interest in conflict journalism
  •  open to young leading journalists from Europe and beyond.

Application procedure:

  • All interested applicants should sent their CV to [email protected]
  • After submitting the application, MICS team will contact the applicants within two weeks.
  • The applicants may be requested to submit a more advanced form further along in the application process.

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