Can it Ever be Enough?

Can it Ever be Enough?

…It downed on him that it wasn’t a dream. He was being kicked out of the building. His well ironed suit, with his starched pink shirt and a tie to march his black shoe made C.K(as he is popularly known) the girls dream guy. He was tall, ebony and little muscular in nature, almost like the NBA stars just that he wasn’t the sport guy. Oh Yes! C.K wasn’t the type that flirted or partied either. Rumor has it that he had an agreement with the god of intelligent, but it was just people and their talk. It was simply principles and determination that made C.K what he was until today.

What really happened to C.K” asked this gorgeous lady who I know had this crush for me. Recovering from the shock that C.K had just been sacked; I still didn’t know what to say to the lady besides me still asking what has happened to my best friend and colleague.  I mean, C.K wasn’t just my best friend or the best employee in ‘REACH THE ZENITH CONSULTING FIRM’; I was a secret student under his mentorship although without his knowledge. He was my mentor!best

“What happened, talk to me”, pleaded Ada. “Okay, okay”, I answered trying to ease her from her own curiosity. “C.K has been sacked”! “What? Why? When? How? By who?” was her quick response. “Which do I answer first, calm down” I was beginning to wonder if she was also one of C.K’s secret students.

No doubt, C.K was very intelligent, but he was too absorbed in what he had learnt already that he forgot that there are a lot to learn. He frequently missed seminars and trainings organized by the company. He would always say to me, “o boi! Wey tin I go learn wey I never sabi”? (Translation; ‘O boy! What is new to learn when I know them already’), in my simplicity, I would just smile.

C.K thought he knew everything, that he never wanted more, he never humbled himself before knowledge to be mentored or tutored. He was contended with the knowledge he had already. With his old knowledge.

“Ada, he was sacked by the new management who couldn’t stand him any longer for the reason you know already, through an email and a typed letter (hard copy) this morning in this office” I answered still checking if I have omitted anything. I then added, “If this can befall C.K, then we are not a problem. Knowledge is power and I will always yearn to develop mine. I will learn, unlearn and relearn on frequent basis. Hope you will too”?

“Of course I will, let me go and summit those files before I will be next in line”! She replied as she walked to her desk……..