European Youth Press seeks New Board Members for 2014/2016-mandate period

European Youth Press seeks New Board Members for 2014/2016-mandate period

Deadline: September 1, 2014

The European Youth Press (EYP), network of young media makers, is looking for up to five (5) new members to join the Executive Board for the 2014/2016-mandate period. The board membership is honorary and home-based. The elections will take place at the General Assembly of the European Youth Press on 9-10 October 2014 in Malmö, Sweden.

In addition, the European Youth Press is seeking a board member to take up the position of treasurer, indicate your interest in the position in your motivational letter.


  • Each board member takes on several key responsibilities of the organisation, in consultation with his/her fellow board members, the member organisations of the EYP and the secretariat.
  • The board members are responsible for taking and implementing all major decisions within the organisation, supervising tasks and stepping in as project coordinators of some of the main projects of the EYP.


According to the statutes of the organisation, the board members must be under the age of 30 years.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is familiar with structure and functions of the European Youth Press;
  • Has been previously a part of EYP projects;
  • Has been an active member of one of the Member Organisations of the EYP;
  • Has experience in project management;
  • Has a background in media making;
  • Has the possibility to dedicate at least 10-15 work-hours per week to the EYP;
  • Has a very good working knowledge of English;
  • Has good communication, team-management and organising skills;
  • Is proactive;
  • Has worked in multicultural and multilingual teams;
  • Is available to travel at least three times per year, in order to attend EYP-related events, such as board meetings, conferences and trainings.


Applications or nominations should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line: BOARD CANDIDATE.

Applications must include a CV and a brief cover letter, no longer than 1 A4 page. In addition, candidates should include a strategic plan for the European Youth Press based on a SWOT analysis.

For more information, visit European Youth Press.